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Why your feedback score is the most important number in our company

Since we first opened our doors for business over twenty years ago, our aim has always been to wow customers with service.

It is woven into our day to day business: plastered on walls, reiterated by management every week, benchmarked within every team. It’s a hashtag on our internal messaging app. Overall customer happiness scores are shared with every person in the business, every week. Every staff member’s feedback is shared openly in real time, good or bad, for all to see.

Put simply, the focus on wowing customers is inescapable at Jaybro.

And we love it!

Our customer-centric culture provides a common ground for all staff to strive to provide the most amazing, knock-it-out-of-the-park service to our customers.

This month’s customer happiness score:



Updated: 29/06/2020


What is an NPS score?

The number above is our NPS or Net Promoter Score. It’s a very simple way to track how happy our customers are, by asking the question ‘how likely are you to recommend Jaybro?’. This is expressed by our customers giving us a score out of ten.

A customer that gives us a score from 0 to 6 is known as a detractor, 7 to 8 are passive customers, and 9 to 10 are promoters. The percentage of promoters, minus the detractors, equals our NPS score.

There are different views on what is considered a ‘good’ score, but on a scale that can stretch from 100 right down to -100, we’re pretty proud of our consistently strong numbers!

You can take a look at how some of the world’s biggest brands measure up using this benchmarking tool.

So – why should all this matter to you?

Many companies these days use feedback, surveys and other metrics to measure how well they are serving their customers. However, it’s difficult to close the loop by acting on this feedback and improving if it’s not at the core of a company’s operations.

Our focus on moving fast and getting results means we can review our NPS as it happens and take action immediately. We’re prepared to change tack straight away if something isn’t working for you.

Ultimately this means you getting what you need, faster,
cheaper, with less hassles – and more smiles all round.

Customer satisfaction: the foundation of our business

From warehouse staff that deliver orders in their own time on their way home, to teams that kick into action and charge through urgent sign orders, all of us at Jaybro genuinely care about providing great service.

Here’s a prime example: we had a delivery driver arrive at a rural business one evening to discover the customers had no forklift at the receiving end to unload the goods. Not to be deterred, he knocked on doors till he was able to sweet talk a farmer into borrowing a tractor, and unloaded the goods himself.

Consider it done!

Giving back to our fantastic customers, with giveaways, prizes and site breakfasts!

Real scores from real people

#wowcustomers is in our DNA

Our friendly staff rivalry to achieve consistently excellent customer satisfaction scores enables us to keep your happiness front of mind, always. Here’s some of the ways that going the extra mile is built in to Jaybro:

At an individual level:

Every staff member is incentivised and reviewed during a quick weekly 1 on 1 meeting. This is underpinned by a focus on how happy we’ve made our customers in the past week. This extends to all staff, not just customer-facing teams. Additionally, our year to date NPS score is tracked and shared throughout the business every week, so we can see how well we’re doing.

At a team level:

We have a peer to peer reward system to give each other a shout out for providing great service. This converts virtual bonus points into real dollars, enabling all of us to give our colleagues company-funded rewards for wowing customers. Plus, we have a specific team tasked with following up on issues and ensuring any problems are rectified quickly.

In our recruitment and culture:

Our recruitment processes focus more on attitude than long lists of skills or fancy qualifications. Positive, can-do attitudes are valued and celebrated across all departments. Our company leadership team has a sustained commitment to excellent service, awarding outstanding efforts with a regular CEO award to staff that have demonstrated exceptional service.

In our business planning and finance:

Our NPS is essential in the boardroom as it helps predict business trends. At a corporate level, our score is closely monitored, as it can be an indicator of future customer behaviour. It affects our business in different ways and forces us to be mindful of the impact that pricing strategies, purchasing decisions, and more traditional ‘hard’ numbers have on the most important thing – you.

All up, customer happiness is the number we care about most.

Your honest input helps us continue to improve and grow.

So a heartfelt thank you, from all of us!

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