Quantitative Fit Test (QNFT)

In order for a respirator to provide the intended protection, it must seal tightly to the wearer’s face. AS/NZS1715:2009 states that fit testing is required before a user wears a respirator on the job. Fit tests should be performed annually thereafter.

Call our technician now to make a booking on 1300 885 364 (NSW only) 

(Bookings available at Arndell Park every Friday from 8am - 10am)




Bookings available every Friday from 8am - 10pm at our Arndell Park site. Each test will take approximately 20 minutes.

Please complete the form to the right, enter your details and submit to request an appointment.

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* Fit test address: 13 Penelope Crescent, Arndell Park


(For all bookings, our Safety team will contact you to confirm date and time)


Why book a respirator fit test?

Booking a quantitative fit test should be part of the scheduled routine when any tight-fitting respirator is being worn. Conducting a facial fit test should be part of the best practice process when:

  • Issuing a new respirator
  • The respirator has been in service for a period of 12 months
  • The wearer has experienced excessive weight gain or loss
  • The wearer has undergone major dental work

Once the quantitative fit test is completed, the wearer is issued with a pass certificate report. The report of a successful pass will be emailed to both the mask wearer and the wearer's company.

Book an appointment above or call 1300 885 364 for more information.

How does it work? Watch this short video:

Fit Test PackageFit TestsDescription 
Disposable Package11 x 10 Pack 3M 9322+ Disposable Mask (Flat Fold)
11 x 10 Pack 3M 8322 Disposable Mask (Cup)
Half Face Package11 x 3M Half Face Silicone Mask + P3 Filter (7500 Series)
11 x Sundstrom Half face Silicone Mask +  P3 Filter (SD100)
Full Face Package11 x 3M Full Face Silicone Mask + P3 Filter (6000 Series)
11 x Sundstrom Full Face Silicone Mask +  P3 Filter (SD100)
Ultimate Package21 x 10 Pack of 9322+ and 1 x 3M Half Face Silicon Mask + P3 Filter (7500 Series)
21 x 10 Pack 8322 and 1 x 3M Half Face Silicon Mask + P3 Filter (7500 Series)
21 x 3M Half Face Silicon Mask and 1 x 3M Half Full Face Silicone Mask with 2 x P3 Filters
21 x Sundstrom Half face Silicone Mask and 1 x Sundstrom Full Face Silicone Mask with 2 x P3 Filters

Terms and Conditions

For a respirator fit test in Accordance with AS/NZS1715-2009.

  • The attendee must not eat, smoke, drink coffee or chew gum for at least 1 hour prior to the testing. (Doing so may lead to excessive waiting times)
  • The attendee must be clean-shaven. (If you are not clean-shaven you will not be fit tested.)
  • Each appointment is for a single respirator. (If you require a second fitting, please book a second appointment.)
  • You must advise if a specific mask is required to be fit tested on; otherwise, the technician will recommend a mask.

Call our technician now to make a booking on 1300 885 364 (NSW only) 

(Bookings available at Arndell Park every Friday from 8am - 10am)



What will happen on the day?
Prior to the test commencing, you will receive an overview of what is involved in the test & what the test is for, then select the respirator to be tested. You will be shown how to don the mask correctly, then asked to don the mask.

The test, which consists of the following exercises will then begin;

  • Normal Breathing
  • Deep Breathing
  • Head Side to Side
  • Head Up & Down
  • Talking
  • Grimace
  • Bending Over
  • Normal Breathing

Each of these exercises lasts for 60 seconds except for the Grimace which lasts for 15 seconds. The Grimace is only there to break the seal of the mask, and the participant needs to re-adjust the mask to fit properly again.

What is a Fit Test?

Respirators are used to protect the user from inhaling hazardous materials, including vapours, particles and fumes.

The respirator can only perform this function effectively when the seal against the wearer's face is tight and provides a protective barrier.

A respirator should be fit tested when first issued, and at least once a year thereafter (excluding other factors that could require a mask to be re-tested earlier).

Quantitative Fit Testing (QNTF)

A quantitative test relies on a Portacount machine that is attached to the respirator via a tube to complete the testing.

The quantitative test will not only detect the existence of leakage, but also measures the amount of leakage that is occurring.

Quantitative fit testing is normally the preferred option for full-face respirators and half-mask models, however, any mask can be tested this way.

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