At Jaybro we’re serious about our core values. We care about our customers and always aim to wow them with amazing service.

We like to move fast, keep things simple and challenge the usual way of doing things. To put it simply – we care. We want to keep getting better and raising the bar. And we can only do this by hiring amazing staff!

Our people are:

  • Customer service superstars
  • Independent thinkers
  • Results oriented
  • Caring and compassionate

Read on to find out more about what’s important to us, and what we can offer you.

jarrod merriman

“It almost feels as though you’re walking into a workplace filled with your mates.”

- Jarrod

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jaybro careers

What's it like to work at Jaybro?

We’re one big team

We operate within a non-hierarchical structure. Our managing director doesn’t have a posh corner office; his desk is amongst the team in our open plan workspace, ensuring inclusiveness and free-flowing communication.

We’re all working towards the same goals and we believe working together is the best way to achieve them.

ideal customer

We’re laser-focussed on our customers

Lots of businesses create ‘personas’, imaginary people to help them visualise and effectively market to their ideal customer. We’ve just got one – and he’s not imaginary.

Pat was a real bloke we met many years ago, who epitomised Jaybro’s ideal customer. Pat is a civil contractor, who wants good service and good products. He wants it done right and he wants it done fast.

Jaybro is genuinely customer-centric and we use our detailed profile of Pat to guide every decision. From end to end, from the boardroom to despatch to accounts to marketing, our business has been built from the ground up to serve Pat and customers just like him.

From an employee point of view, this gives our entire team a clear purpose and helps all our staff stay on the right path, prioritise what’s important and ditch the rest.

working at Jaybro

(It’s ok – we’re not all Roosters fans!)

Own your role (really)

Our successes, exceptional customer service and commitment are underpinned by a philosophy that every employee is a business owner, with Jaybro as their sole customer.

This unique approach towards ownership allows our staff to become leaders, providing them with more flexibility and control over their roles. It has allowed us to develop a culture of highly committed employees who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.

Although we’re one big team, staff autonomy is encouraged at Jaybro. We look for people that can make decisions, take action and stay focused on serving Pat. In return, we offer a great working environment with a whole range of benefits to support you in furthering your career.

wendy labiche

“It’s a big company and there’s room to move if you decide to take different avenues in your career.”

- Wendy

jaybro careers

Why you’ll love working at Jaybro

A brilliant team culture

  • An amazing, vibrant team of happy and engaged workmates
  • No politics or passing the buck – just positive, hardworking people focussed on getting the job done
  • A culture of honest and open communication across all levels of the business
  • Ability to make a real, measurable contribution to your team
  • A down to earth management team that seeks your input on important business decisions
  • A safe workplace with simple rules – without bureaucracy or unnecessary red tape
  • Colleagues that are proud of where they work (take a look at how employees rate us on Seek)

The opportunity to grow

  • Freedom to really own your role and make your own choices
  • Quick weekly one-on-one meetings with your manager to check in and set the focus for the week ahead
  • Regular acknowledgement at an individual level
  • Significant potential for career advancement and an open team structure, giving you the opportunity to try new things
  • Personal development perks – regular external seminars and workshops on topics like communication and goal setting
  • An on-site mini library of inspiring books focussing on personal and business growth, coupled with subsidised learning opportunities

A happy, productive environment

  • Modern and up-to-date tech to help you work efficiently
  • Subsidised flu shots
  • Fully stocked lunch rooms with fresh fruit and sandwich supplies always available
  • Regular staff BBQ’s and visits from delicious food trucks
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • A team that rewards each other – our staff are highly engaged in our Bonusly app which translates virtual points for a job well done into real dollars
  • The potential to be commended with our monthly Chairmans Award. Nominated by your peers, this democratically voted award celebrates staff who go above and beyond to wow customers. Plus, it comes with a little extra bonus in your back pocket!

Early career support & internships

The team at Jaybro supports the development of early career professionals. If you’ve recently finished high school and you want get a foot in the door, we might be able to help if you’re a good fit for our culture.

We’re less interested in qualifications and degrees than we are in your attitude. If you’re a young person with drive and determination, a growth mindset and you honestly care about making people happy – we want you!

We can offer hands-on internships enabling you to build your experience while you work alongside mentors. This gives you invaluable experience, exposure and skill development in a friendly and approachable business environment. Then, use your real-life experience to kick start your career.

We often have the scope to accommodate entry-level positions, even if they aren’t listed in our vacancies. Feel free to get in touch with our careers team and tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Pat Wacher

“I started with Jaybro as soon as I left school. It was my first full-time job, and I’ve never looked back.”

- Patrick

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