The Jaybro Story
Jaybro was started by Steve Joyce in early 1996. Steve had been in the construction industry for many years and he identified a need in the marketplace because he experienced
  1. Paying too much for site consumables
  2. Being given large catalogues of items from suppliers, but many of them weren’t in stock and the goods would be o
  3. The ongoing frustrations of calling suppliers and they would only ask for a part number when he tried to describe the product he was looking for, or worse still – they weren’t even open when he called at 7:00am.
So Steve Joyce started Jaybro from his garage with the commitment to:
  1. Providing same day delivery to sites.
  2. Keeping all products in stock in bulk so there were very few back orders – focussing of delivering the order in full the next day.
  3. Ensuring all customer service staff were well trained and had industry experience and knowledge. People that knew the products so they could correctly assist customers on the phone quickly.
  4. Open the office at 6:30 in the morning so the sites could get their orders in at the start of the day. Today Jaybro still lives by these values servicing civil and building contractors Australia wide.

The Great Game of Business (GGOB)

Business has all the elements of a game: rules, scorecards, rewards for winning – and the chance of losing.

This Jaybro utilises principles from The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack to educate employees in the rules of business. By using open-book management techniques, we teach our employees to think and act like owners, regardless of their role.

Everyone at Jaybro has skin in the game. By rallying everyone around a common goal we encourage healthy competition and the drive to succeed. We empower individuals to take ownership of decisions and use fun incentives to boost engagement and reward achievements.

The Rules:

We play the Great Game of Business. This means we openly share business and financial information with employees, and everyone is kept informed about business goals.

How we play:

  1. Educate employees about the business
  2. Empower them to make business decisions
  3. Engage employees by rewarding them

Why adopt this approach? 

People support what they help create. One of the key drivers of using this approach to business is creating accountability and responsibility in our team by showing them their own personal impact on the numbers. Engaged and motivated staff make our customers happy – and our business thrive!

When was the last time you felt fully informed about the financial status and goals of the organisation you work at?

At Jaybro, the goal is for great long-term success for both the company and the employee. Our open-book approach means our engaged and positive team is working towards a common goal, which in turn makes Jaybro a great place to work.

From humble beginnings to market leader in twenty short years.
  1. With over 20 years of history the business has established a reputation in the infrastructure consumables sector that has made it synonymous with quality, reliability and first-class customer service.
  2. Since the establishment of the Brisbane branch In 2010 (the first site outside of Sydney), the management of Jaybro have built the business through both organic and inorganic growth.
  3. The introduction of world class systems, processes, people and a number of innovative initiatives has made Jaybro a market leading infrastructure consumables supplier in Australia.
Jaybro Head Office
  • Jaybro founded in Sydney
  • Brisbane branch opens
  • Acquired At-Site Supplies
  • Acquired RMS Road Signs
  • Acquired Civiquip
  • Acquired Fortress Fencing Acquired Superior Safety
  • Acquired Field Works
  • Acquired Sitework Supplies
  • Acquired E H Piggott
  • Acquired Star Safety
  • Perth branch opens
  • Jaybro expands into New Zealand
  • CHAMP Private Equity (now CPE Capital) invests in Jaybro
  • Acquired Brandwrap New Zealand
  • Acquired Defender Safety
  • Acquired Orange Precast
  • Acquired DBF Tools and Hardware

Today Jaybro still lives by these values servicing civil and building contractors Australia wide. Steve’s legacy of providing the WOW factor to our customers is celebrated with a Chairman’s Award that is presented monthly to a team member, voted by their peers, recognising that they live by our mission statement:

‘To make life easier for construction contractors’

The Chairman’s Award is designed to reward Jaybro staff who go above and beyond to service our customers or think outside the box to provide solutions to a customer’s specific needs.

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