Road, Lane & Line Marking

Road, Lane & Line Marking

Line Marking Paints, Line Markers and Reflectors

Road and traffic dividers serve a wide variety of purposes including lane separation, separating cycle lanes, marking out parking bays, marking out road works and worksites. They are also used to highlight hazards in the road including bends and curves, ultimately increasing safety on the road.

Jaybro's range of road, lane and line marking supplies includes popular products such as stick and stomps, raised pavement markers in various colours, and a stencil  letter pack for road signwriting.  And don't forget your essentials such as Megapoxy and pavement tape

If you need to divide lanes or demarcate traffic areas, the VersiKerb traffic separator system is an ideal solution. Likewise, traffic separators with panel or bollard attachments create a highly visible divider. 

For line marking operations, Jaybro carries a range of high quality spot marker paints as well as line marking machines. Our friendly team are always happy to help – if you need assistance finding the right product for your application, contact 1300 885 364 or email us at

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