Raised Reflective Pavement Marker - Red

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Raised reflective pavement markers or 'Cats Eyes' measure 100 mm x 75 mm. These red RRPMs come with a reflective strip on one side.
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Raised pavement markers (RPMs) or delineators are a safety and visibility device used on roads. These reflective markers measure 100 mm x 75 mm and offer excellent visibility to oncoming motorists via the double sided reflective material that reflects car headlights. Red pavement markers are used at the side of the road. Jaybro also supplies white and yellow raised pavement markers. White markers identify the road is travelling in one direction only, whilst yellow raised pavement markers are usually used to warn motorists that the road is a dual carriageway.

Raised Reflective Pavement Markers or RRPMs are made for durability and high traffic situations. The lightweight plastic construction is strong and highly retroreflective and their raised profile means they can do double duty as a rumble strip for added motorist awareness for lane drifting.

The markers provide highly effective visibility even at night or during rain. Red raised pavement markers can be easily fixed to asphalt pavements with a strong adhesive such as Megapoxy.

We recommend a strong adhesive such as Megapoxy, or alternatively self-adhesive butyl tar pads.

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