Carpark & Pedestrian Safety

Carpark & Pedestrian Safety

Speed Humps, Wheel Stops, Bollards, Trench Covers, Tactiles

Car parks and shared pedestrian traffic areas need specialist markings and products to keep them running smoothly.

Tools to reduce the speed of vehicles, such as speed humps, rumble bars and speed cushions can greatly improve the safety of a car park. Likewise, demarcating edges, no go areas, and keeping cars separate from people is critical and can be acheived using steel bollards. These are available as fixed or removable bollards.

For parking spaces, tools like concrete wheel stops or chevron wheel stops ensure cars are not encroaching onto footpaths or into areas where they shouldn't be. Also in a carpark, blind corners can be made safer with the addition of a convex mirror

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Speed Humps, Stops & Bollards

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