Safety Mirror - Flexi-Tuff Convex Mirror 1000mm - Outdoor

CODE: 49-1000IO U.O.M: Each
Flexi-tuff convex safety mirror, 1000mm
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The Flexi-Tuff convex mirror is a strong polycarbonate safety mirror set in a highly visible orange surround. An extremely durable weatherproof mirror, this safety mirror has a convex surface to enable extra visibility near blind corners and areas where vision is impaired. This outdoor convex mirror is suitable for a range of applications including carparks, private on-site intersections, loading docks and more.

A high visibility orange surround (with an in-built visor on outdoor models) helps to reduce sun glare and protects the mirror from harsh weather. Mounting brackets are included for easy mounting to a wall or 60mm OD post.

They are designed to offer minimum distortion ensuring that they do not contribute to the hazards already present. However, all mirrors create some level of distortion so it is important to get the right size for your application. See our size guide below.

Suitable for councils, industrial and commercial businesses, this virtually unbreakable mirror is suitable for high vandal risk areas or adverse industrial conditions. Fully backed by our 7 year warranty it can be mounted to a post or wall and is fully adjustable to almost any position.

Available in various sizes, our range of Flexi-Tuff convex safety mirrors come in indoor and outdoor versions.

Indoor convex mirrors are ideal for eliminating blind spots in warehouses, parking stations, shopping centres, offices, hospitals and other high pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas. Outdoor convex safety mirrors are commonly known as carpark mirrors due to their suitability for this purpose, but they are also great for complex intersections in industrial estates, commercial and retail centres, near loading docks and more.


  • For outdoor use
  • 1000mm diameter
  • Wall or 60mm OD Post Mount
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Choosing the right size convex mirror

    To calculate the best sized mirror for your individual needs, measure the approximate expected distance between the viewer and the mirror, and then measure the distance from the mirror to the object that needs to be spotted around the corner.

    For example, a mirror may be placed on the outside corner of a building, where a driveway exit is on one side and staff exit point on the other. Measure how far from the mirror to the staff doorway, and add this on to the distance from the mirror to the driveway. This combined distance will give you an indication of the size of mirror you need.

  • 450mm mirrors are suitable for distances up to 15m
  • 600mm mirrors are suitable for distances up to 20m
  • 800mm mirrors are suitable for distances up to 25m
  • 1000mm diameter mirrors are suitable for distances over 25m
  • More Information
    CODE 49-1000IO
    U.O.M Each
    Mounting Type Wall or 60mm OD post
    Print Spec Sheet Print Spec Sheet

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