Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Fire Extinguishers, Fire Signs and Fire Blankets

Fire safety is crucial in any working environment. Ensuring your employees know to how to use a fire blanket is essential. Having the skill to deploy a fire blanket in an emergency is as important and knowing how to operate an extinguisher. Fire blankets made from fire resistant fabric are ideal for use on clothing fires and other small fire emergencies. Jaybro stocks a portable sized fire blanket that can be stored in vehicles, first aid rooms or in close vicinity to potential hazards.

A fire extinguisher is also a must in every workplace, including vehicles. An ABE fire extinguisher or powder fire extinguisher is a multi purpose fire fighting tool. ABE Powder extinguishers offer protection against Class A fires such as those from burning solids like waste, timber, etc, and Class B fires which are caused by flammable liquids. Class E fires are also covered and our ABE extinguisher acts as an electrical fire extinguisher.

Jaybro also stocks a wide range of flammable signs and fire signs to warn of flammable liquid hazards and alert workers to the location of firefighting equipment such as a fire extinguisher. 

Jaybro is your go-to store for workplace safety - if you need a hand finding the right firefighting equipment, contact our friendly team on 1300 885 364 or email

Fire Extinguishers

Fire & Flammable Signs

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