Hand Protection

Hand Protection

Work gloves, safety gloves and hand protection accessories

Jaybro supplies a wide range of consumables to the civil, building, construction and industrial sectors. This includes a wide range of personal protective equipment including nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, rigger gloves and cut resistant gloves to give workers the best in hand protection on the job.

Jaybro has a range of specialist safety gloves to protect against chemical splash risks, mechanical injury such as cuts and abrasions, and wear and tear on hands. Outdoor workers who are exposed to UV radiation may need a UV resistant glove for added sun protection.

Foam nitrile gloves have a special coating that provides excellent grip in both wet and dry environments and also provides grip when handling oil and slick substances. These gloves are lined for comfort and have fabric panels for breathability.

Additionally, other popular choices include leather riggers gloves for everyday tasks around construction sites, civil works and landscaping; glass gripper gloves with specialty coatings for excellent grip; anti-vibration gloves to minimise worker fatigue when using power equipment, and disposable latex gloves for production and hygiene applications. Jaybro also supplies  leather welding gloves including black and gold ‘Black Jack’ gloves.

For more information on the types of hazards that safety gloves can protect against, take a look at our article on Safety Gloves - Australian Standards and International Standards.


Glove Accessories

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