Landscaping, Revegetation and Environmental Restoration

Jaybro is well known in the industry for geosynthetics and erosion control products. Now, our range has expanded to include a wide range of supplies for professionals in the landscaping and revegetation sector.

Jaybro has one of the biggest landscaping, site management and erosion control range on the market. Our EROmasta products are stocked in all states in bulk quantities, ensuring availability of key products for landscaping contractors such as hardwood stakes, coir, jute, tree ties and plant guards.

Products such as our COIRmasta CoirLogs are an environmentally friendly alternative to expensive rip raps or cement stabilisation techniques. Coir logs are a natural planting medium for vegetation, made from 100% coir fibre or coconut fibre compacted into an outer mesh of bristle coir twine. We can assist with a range of sediment control and filtration products such as sedifence, silt fence, jute mesh and silt socks.

If you're constructing trenches, swales or embankments; ponds, creeks or bio basins - every application is covered! We have a full range of wire baskets, gabions and rock wall supplies, sandbags, hay bales and more. Plus our GEOmasta geosynthetics range contains everything you need to reinforce, build, retain and drain your site. Essentials such as ag pipe, strip filter drains, flexible drainage pipe and our innovative drainage cell are available for the most demanding drainage situations. 

Plus, we've got a range of quality Australian hardwood stakes in the most common sizes you'll need on site. Along with tree planting supplies such as hessian tree ties, jute mat, corflute tree guards and soil improvers, our landscaping range will help you to get the job done. Shop for hardwood stakes and more at our online store. 

Jaybro is proud of our commitment to fast, professional customer service. Our friendly team are always happy to help – if you need assistance finding the right product for your application, contact 1300 885 364 or email us at

Tree Planting

Coir, Jute and Hessian

Soil and Water Additives

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