Safety Tags, Log Books & Posters

Safety Tags, Log Books & Posters

Promote a Safer Workplace with Safety Tags, Posters and Log Books

Promoting safety around your work site can help keep safety front of mind for workers. Tools such as WHS posters, and instruction posters such as CPR signs ensure workers are informed of the appropriate course of action on the job or in the case of an emergency. 

Jaybro carries a range of inspection tags to ensure equipment such as height safety or fall protection equipment is flagged as safe. 

Additionally, if plant and equipment needs to be powered down for servicing or for scheduled maintenance shutdown, it's important to alert others of the potential for harm if equipment is switched on in error. Therefore, safety tags such as 'danger - do not operate' as well as electrical test and tags can be found here. 

If you need to keep equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are being made, take a look at our range of safety controls. 

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