COIRmasta Coir Logs 200mm x 3m

CODE: 30-COIRL2 U.O.M: Each
Environmentally friendly coir logs, measuring 200 mm wide x 3m long. Logs feature an outer mesh size of 50mm x 50mm. Coir logs are made from compacted coconut fibre with a biodegradable twine netting.
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COIRmasta Coir Logs are an environmentally friendly alternative to hay bales and expensive rip-raps or cement stabilisation techniques. COIRmasta Coir Logs are ideal for constructing check structures, managing changes in stream flow velocity, shaping channels and stabilising shorelines. A natural planting medium for vegetation, these coir logs are and made from 100% coir fibre (coconut fibre) compacted into an outer mesh of bristle coir twine.

COIRmasta™ CoirLogs are a totally biodegradable material that last up to three to five years, and is biodegradable within 5-10 years. They are easily installed and will blend naturally into the environment over time.

Applications include water diversion, sediment filtration, spill containment, stream bank stabilisation, and erosion control. Coir logs are also commonly used in the landscaping sector to form garden bed retention areas and prevent soil and sediment from entering stormwater drains.

Coir logs measure 3 metres long x 200 mm wide, and provide protection until the natural vegetation is established. A 300mm wide version is also available. Coir logs can also be stacked to form a natural barrier in areas where tidal changes or wave movement are present.

Ideal for:

  • Water diversion
  • Sediment filtration
  • Spill containment
  • Stream bank stabilisation
  • Erosion control
  • Landscaping



    • 3 metres long x 200 mm wide
    • Outer net size 50 x 50mm
    • Lasts 3 to 5 years
    • Large roll of 100% biodegradable coir made from organic coconut fibre
    • Can be fixed in swales for sediment retention, and around wetlands
    • Provides protection until natural vegetation is established
    • Stack these coir logs on top of each other to form a barrier
    • Stackable configuration is ideal for areas with wave movement and tidal changes
    • Weight: approximately 13kg per log
    • Pallet Qty:

    More Information
    CODE 30-COIRL2
    U.O.M Each
    Brand GEOmasta
    Colour Natural
    Length 3 m
    Width 200 mm
    Print Spec Sheet Print Spec Sheet

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