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Major Project: Safety supply for WestConnex

WestConnex Stage 1, 2 and 3

WestConnex is a 33km motorway that will link Sydney’s west with the airport and Port Botany precincts. The project is in response to a NSW Government commitment to deliver a workable motorway scheme for Sydney city. As a result of this, the WestConnex Delivery Authority was established to deliver the project, which is valued at $16.8B.

An extensive and wide-ranging project estimated to create 10,000 jobs, WestConnex involves a number of staged construction projects which Jaybro and Defender Safety are proud to be involved in. These include widening and tunnelling along the M4 motorway, a new M5 motorway, and a tunnel connection to link these two major motorways. Traffic projections conducted by WestConnex suggest that over 163,000 vehicles will use the road every weekday by 2031.

Overall the WestConnex project aims to support Sydney’s long-term economic growth. The improvements will enable motorists to bypass up to 52 sets of traffic signals and improve connections to Western Sydney and key employment hubs across the city.

Additionally, the improved motorway access and flow will likely reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 610,000 tonnes per annum.


Stage 1A: CPB Contractors and Rizzani De Eccher JV

Stage 1B: CPB Samsung John Holland JV

Stage 2: CPB Dragados Samsung JV

Stage 3A: Lend Lease Samsung Bouygues JV

Stages of the Project

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Widening of the existing M4 motorway is known as Stage 1A. CPB Contractors and Rizzani De Eccher Joint Venture were engaged to design, construct and maintain the project during its construction.

This part of the project involves significant works, mostly within the existing road footprint. To explain further, the M4 will be widened to four lanes in each direction for approximately 7.5km between Parramatta and Homebush. Also, ramp upgrades will be constructed to eliminate traffic pinch points. Furthermore, Stage 1A will provide a new connection for motorists heading eastbound, supporting growth around Sydney Olympic Park. The Granville viaduct and other bridges will also be widened for around 2 kilometres.

Overall, the Stage 1A M4 widening project is valued at $500 million.



Stage 1B of the WestConnex project involves a twin tunnel connecting to the improved M4 motorway.

The M4 East is the first underground section of WestConnex, extending the widened M4 via twin tunnels with three lanes in each direction. Stretching from Homebush to Haberfield, it will alleviate the delays and gridlock that currently plague the meeting point of the M4 and Parramatta Road.

The M4 East tunnels will be built with roadheaders and traditional rock-breaking methods by a joint venture comprising CPB Contractors, Samsung and John Holland.

The roadheaders cut the upper part of the tunnel, with a convoy of heavy vehicles conveying spent rock out of the tunnel as they gouge into the rock face.



Stage 2 of the WestConnex project involves expansion of the busy M5 motorway. This construction will provide nine kilometres of twin underground tunnels. Terminating at St Peters, these tunnels will provide motorists with connections to the airport district of Mascot. With two lanes in each direction, the project also includes capacity to add a third lane. Additionally, underground connection points for future proposed extensions will be factored in.

A joint venture made up of CPB Contractors, Dragados and Samsung won the New M5 contract, worth over $4.3 billion. Ultimately the new M5 tunnels will double the traffic capacity between St Peters and Kingsgrove.


The $7.2 billion M4-M5 Link will connect the extended M4 Motorway at Haberfield with the New M5 in St Peters, easing congestion on Victoria Road and City West Link and improving local connections across the inner west. This project involves both the Main Tunnel Works (Stage 3A) and Rozelle Interchange (Stage 3B). The Main Tunnel Works package is the larger package and includes  7.5 kilometre twin tunnels, each four lanes wide linking Haberfield to St Peters.

Additionally, ramps between the main tunnels and the surface interchanges will be built, plus a special ventilation facility at St Peters, and tunnel stubs to allow for future development.


This part of the project is in its early stages.

The Rozelle Interchange will be built largely underground at the disused Rozelle Rail Yards. This will include tunnels connecting Victoria Road, the proposed Western Harbour Tunnel and the New M5 at St Peters. More tunnels will connect to the City West Link, and east west tunnels will connect Haberfield and the ANZAC Bridge.

Additionally, a link between Iron Cove connecting Victoria Road to the ANZAC Bridge will be constructed. To allow for future proposed developments, tunnel stubs and ramps will also be built.

The Challenges

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PPE Needed to be accessible, 24/7

STAGE 1A: M4 WIDENING: CPB Contractors and Rizzani De Eccher Joint Venture needed to kit out some 200 staff for the life of the project. Appropriate workwear, safety clothing and personal protective equipment was required to ensure Rizzani CPB JV met their duty of care obligations.

The WestConnex Delivery Authority itself gained local and International AS / NZS4801 and OHSAS18001 OH&S management certifications. Likewise, CPB Contractors and Rizzani De Eccher had stringent safety standards to adhere to and every detail had to be meticulously assessed by the joint venture teams. Additionally, a supplier was required to provide fire extinguisher servicing to ensure firefighting equipment on site was up to code.

Ultimately, workers staying safe throughout the project was paramount.

Therefore, CPB Rizzani JV project managers sought a supply partner that could equip workers with high quality PPE and work clothing. It was decided that PPE vending presented a good solution to keeping consumable protective equipment such as earplugs and safety glasses in stock and easily accessible on site.

Our clients needed more than just products off the shelf

STAGE 1B: M4 TUNNELING: With thousands of workers on site throughout the tunnelling operations, CPB Samsung John Holland JV sought a supply partner that could deliver safety, workwear, fire and gas products and services that were fit for purpose, available quickly, and certified to the relevant standards.

CPB Samsung John Holland JV identified key equipment and services essential to the day to day operations of the site. This included workwear and PPE vending which presented a convenient solution to keeping consumable protective equipment such as earplugs and safety glasses in stock and easily accessible on site.

Additionally, specialist services such as fit testing and fire extinguisher inspections were required.

Airborne contaminants including gas and particulates were a hazard that needed to be addressed. Gas levels needed to be monitored in the subterranean worksite, and equipment such as self-contained breathing apparatus needed to be available to workers. To ensure the continued health of the workers on site, respiratory protection devices needed to be fit tested prior to use.

Plus, fire extinguishers required servicing every 6 months and first aid supplies needed to be managed and replenished on site.

All together, this called for a safety partner that could go above and beyond simple supply of products.

Underground work required specialist safety considerations

STAGE 2: NEW M5: CPB Dragados Samsung JV projected close to 4 years of construction work ahead, beginning November 2016. Throughout the project, a team of up to 3000 workers would be involved in delivering the design and construction of the New M5.

With significant tracts of underground tunneling involved, the project managers identified a number of unavoidable workplace hazards that needed to be managed.

Despite engineering out as many risks as possible with automation and modern tunneling equipment, workers on site still needed sufficient safeguards when working in this hazardous environment. This included respiratory protection, fire extinguisher services, gas detection and appropriate first aid for the site.

This suite of equipment and services was deemed essential to the day to day operations. CPB Dragados Samsung JV required a supplier with the knowledge, logistics and capabilities to provide the services required.

Contingency plans for an emergency were critical

STAGE 3: M4-M5 LINK TUNNELS: The underground tunneling environment presented a number of challenges for Lend Lease Samsung Bouygues JV.

Throughout both the early works and the actual tunneling operations, access was likely to be an issue in the event of an accident or emergency. As part of their commitment to the continued health and safety of workers on site, emergency procedures and plans were put in place. Not only would these help the joint venture partners comply with workplace health and safety requirements, but also ensure their workers were protected in the event of an emergency.

The project managers therefore identified certain emergency evacuation and first aid equipment that needed to be easily accessible and readily available on site.



Jaybro and our Defender Safety team supplied a wide range of safety services and personal protective equipment across various stages of the project. Our Rapper safety glasses make an appearance in the video below – just a few of the 150,000 pairs we supplied!

Keeping Workers Safe

For the various aspects of this project, Jaybro and the Defender Safety team were able to supply the right products and services to make the WestConnex construction safer for workers.

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Safety Workwear and PPE

An extensive range of high visibility workwear and safety clothing comprising thousands of styles, colours and designs, meant that Jaybro was able to provide the exact clothing needed throughout various stages of the WestConnex project.

For CPB Rizzani JV we supplied high visibility workwear with retro-reflective tape to comply with Day / Night standards, as well as safety footwear and a range of personal protective equipment.

Similarly CPB Samsung John Holland JV required rugged hi-vis cotton drill clothing, safety vests and footwear. Supply of head to toe personal protective equipment was a major part of this contract.

For CPB John Holland Dragados, Jaybro supplied heavy duty, comfortable workwear to several thousand people over the life of the project. Our respiratory contract will see us delivering 70,000 disposable respirators to protect workers.

You can see workers wearing their Rapper spectacles in the above video taken inside the M5 tunnel.

PPE Vending

The Jaybro vending solution is designed to control and monitor inventory usage for each staff member on site. The automated dispensers are on site and online 24/7, and are monitored and restocked by Jaybro staff. Staff and contractors self-serve using unique swipe tags, without the delays or expense of having staff in stores full time. The vending machines are placed in strategic locations on site meaning staff don’t waste time when they need more product.

Our clients identified this as a practical option for on-site PPE, and Jaybro supplied a vending solution for CPB Rizzani JV that included safety spectacles, gloves and hearing protection.

For CPB Samsung John Holland JV we supplied a similar selection of vending equipment with the addition of respirators.

Respirator Fit Testing

For all staff required to wear respiratory protection, a fit test needed to be performed in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS1715:2009.

With specialised testing equipment, Jaybro assessed staff individually for fit and comfort. Each individual’s mask was tested to ensure it formed an adequate seal and did not leak. Clients CPB Samsung John Holland JV and CPB Dragados Samsung JV took advantage of our fit test service, and as the contracted respiratory supplier for the New M5 project, Jaybro supplied 70,000 disposable P2 valved particulate masks.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

According to Australian Standard AS1851, fire extinguisher test and refill services should occur every 6 months. With the project’s construction phases stretching over a number of years, testing for fire extinguishers would need to occur on site.

For CPB Rizzani JV, CPB Samsung John Holland JV, and CPB Dragados Samsung JV Jaybro was able to provide accredited fire extinguisher servicing.

This included the appropriate assessment and record keeping, inspection for damage and corrosion, and a series of checks including pressure testing, hose assembly, signage and anti-tamper devices. Metal service tags were then filled out and a summary report provided.

Gas Detection and Self-Rescue Breathing Apparatus Supply

Gas detection services and equipment were supplied to CPB Dragados Samsung JV ensuring that levels of hazardous gases in the atmosphere remained at a minimal level. The MSA Altair 5X gas detector provided a safeguard against a range of toxic and oxygen gas hazards as well as detecting any potential presence of volatile organic compounds.

Additionally, self-rescue devices were supplied to workers. CPB Dragados Samsung JV purchased these devices as part of an emergency contingency plan to keep workers safe. In the case of an oxygen deficient environment or dangerous gases, self-rescuers provide the user with more time to reach the nearest safe area.

These devices are a combination of breathable air supply and a protective hood or respirator which can be quickly worn in an emergency.

Your full-service supply partner

We’re proud to be part of the supply chain that is delivering Australia’s biggest infrastructure project. With extensive experience in providing end to end support and service to some of the nation’s construction giants, Jaybro’s specialist teams are able to meet the needs of large contracts and major projects. From competitive contract pricing and volume discounts, to vending and on-site warehousing, to creating custom products with lightning-fast turnaround – Jaybro is there for you when and where you need it.

For more than two decades, the friendly team at Jaybro have gone above and beyond to serve our customers better than our competitors can. We’re specialists in everything for the civil construction sector, and stock a wide range of safety, consumables, geosynthetics, signage and temporary fencing.

If you’re in search of a supplier that can provide all this and more without any fuss, give Jaybro a call to discuss your next major project.

Images courtesy WestConnex

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