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Optimise productivity, reduce costs and eliminate downtime, with on-demand inventory and warehousing solutions. Jaybro will deliver a comprehensive storage service, customised for the specific requirements of your sites and your projects.

What are the benefits?

Control costs
Stock is supplied on consignment, limiting your capital outlay.
You only pay for stock consumed.

Cut down time
Get the products you need directly from a vending machine or
container, eliminating lag times from deliveries.

Real-time visibility
Track levels and consumption across sites with
centralised reporting software.

Reduce waste
Monitor usage across business units, or by individual
purchasers. More accountability means less waste.

Boost storage
Keep more stock on hand, without the capital outlay
of buying in bulk or building new stores.

Immediate procurement
Buy product direct, without having to lodge an order
via our central office.

Improve compliance
All on-site personnel get equipment and supplies
from one point, giving you assurance that the right
products are being used

Expert advice
Our team will advise your staff on the right product
to use, and train them on equipment.

Vending machines
The Jaybro vending solution is designed to control and monitor inventory usage for each staff member on site. The automated dispensers are online 24/7 and are monitored and restocked by Jaybro staff.

Staff and contractors self-serve using unique swipe tags, without the delays or expense of having staff in stores full time. The vending machines can be placed in strategic locations around site meaning your staff don’t waste time when they need more product.

Site supplies container
A high-volume mobile solution with lower administrative overheads. Supplies are managed and delivered through a single facility and monitored and restocked regularly by Jaybro. For security and accountability, access is limited to designated contacts on site. Stock usage is monitored through a scheduled stocktake, and the stock is refreshed when required.

Temporary warehousing
For surge capacity or to cover disruption to your normal warehousing, Jaybro will install a bulk-storage facility on your project at one or more sites. The facility will be managed by an experienced consultant who will advise on product selection, usage and fitting requirements.

  • The bulk-storage facility guarantees all your stock needs will be met immediately and reduces lost time due to delivery delays and back orders.
  • By having Jaybro hold stock on your site, wastage is cut, and your product supply is managed and ready when it is needed.
  • Bulk warehousing on site reduces the number of site deliveries and the associated challenges of traffic management and safety compliance.

The team will work with you to determine the type, size and product mix to suit each site.

We’re ready to advise you

The first step is to conduct a comprehensive site review. We’ll meet with your team to understand your immediate requirements and advise on the best storage solution.

We design a customised mix of storage services: the right size and type of facility, and the right delivery and restocking schedule. We’ll also help you plan for unexpected peaks and troughs in demand, ensuring that your personnel always have the supplies they need to deliver on your project.

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