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How to load and unload concrete barriers

Jaybro takes the safety of our drivers, customers and the general public very seriously. We regularly review our procedures, ensuring our staff are competent and trained.

The above video demonstrates the proper method for loading and unloading concrete barriers. Following this procedure will reduce the risk of accident or injury.

Before beginning any task that involves heavy machinery or poses health risks. Ensure you don the appropriate safety gear. Safety gear including steel cap boots, hi-vis clothing, gloves, hard hat and safety glasses.

Before you begin to lift. Safeguard all bystanders, including the driver to at least 3 metres away from the loading area. They must remain at this distance whilst items are being loaded or unloaded onto the truck.

Place timber beams on the truck’s bed before beginning to load.

Check the weight on the concrete barrier to decide if a forklift or crane is suitable to complete the lift. Generally, 4 m and 6 m concrete barriers will need a crane to load and unload.

Once the load is competed onto the truck, secure each concrete barrier using ratchet tie downs. Ratchet ties downs are during transportation. The same method for securing temporary fence panels for transport.

Unloading and delivering onsite

Locate a suitable place to park. Look out for hazards such as pedestrians and overhead power lines.

Attach the lifting slings to the crane, then attach the lifting eyes to the concrete barriers. Finishing with the connection of the sling to the lifting eyes. Ensure both the sling and lifting eyes are not damaged and rated to handle the load weight safety.

Prepare the hydraulic stabiliser legs. Engage the crane control panel and start lifting each barrier off the truck. If needed, safety adjusts the concrete barrier before completing the unloading. Be sure the ground is level and flat when unloading the concrete barrier

Always follow the site workplace health and safety guidelines at all times

For any delivery esquires please contact Jaybro customer service 1300 885 364

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