Emergency Rechargeable Air Horn

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Rechargeable ECO-BLAST air horn with hand-pump and mounting bracket. This unit deliveries a powerful 115 DB of sound.
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ECO-BLAST rechargeable emergency air horn, save money by never needing to buy another refill - This unit recharges with air!

This unit provides a powerful 115 DB of sound without discharging any dangerous chemicals or vapours. Not only do you save money, but your saving the environment too.

Comes with a hand-pump to recharge, time and time again. The Aluminum canister is suitable for use in all types of weather and can be stored indoors or outdoors

The ECO-BLAST quickly and easily recharges with air. The unit can be recharged using a hand-pump, bicycle -pump, using a service station air-pump or compressor (100 psi recommended).

Why purchase a regular air horn has about 70 to 80 blasts from a standard can when the ECO-BLAST gets thousands of blasts over its lifetime.

Reduce your environmental footprint by not needing to dispose of empty old air horns that have run out of air.

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