What is a pipe coupling?

What is a pipe coupling?

Ever wondered how plumbers and builders connect piping and make them secure? Or perhaps, you’re curious how plumbers make emergency repairs to temporarily connect damaged or shortened pipes?

The answer is pipe couplings!

If you’re sitting there wondering 'What is a pipe coupling?', you are not alone. To find out all you need to know about pipe couplings, what they are and how they’re used, read on.

The basics: what is a pipe coupling?

A pipe coupling is a very short length of pipe or tube that has a socket at one or both ends. These sockets allow two pieces of pipe or tubes to be joined together in a strong, seamless way. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are a great way to extend, terminate or repair piping, as needed.

What are pipe couplings used for?

Pipe couplings are used for many different reasons. Their main purpose is to connect two pieces of pipe to create a longer, leak-proof section of piping.

They're not just for use in a house or building though. Pipe couplings are used all around the world, in a variety of different settings and environments. They can be used by plumbers, builders, firefighters, sea and freshwater supply on ships and in air supply and removal, to name a few different possible applications.

What type of pipe couplings are there?

There are a few different types of pipe couplings you can choose from, depending on what you need the coupling to do:

Full pipe coupling:

A coupling used to connect two different pieces of pipe together.

Half pipe coupling:

Used to either extend or terminate the pipe section it is connected to.

Compression pipe coupling:

A type of pipe coupling that is used to connect and centre two pipes to ensure that there is sufficient contact pressure.

Reducing pipe coupling:

This is used to connect two pieces of pipe that are of different diameters. The coupling has two different sized threads on each end which allows a smaller and larger pipeline to be connected. Particularly useful when small process feeder lines need to be added to larger supply pipe circuits.

Repair or slip pipe coupling:

A type of pipe coupling that includes two pipes, one of which slides out of the external pipe to various lengths. This allows it to be inserted or slipped into place to repair areas where the pipe may have burst, developed a leak or needed to be cut.

Is there a difference between full couplings and half couplings?

Yes, there is a difference between a full pipe and half pipe couplings. They have different applications and will be used in different situations, depending on what the user is hoping to achieve.

Full couplings are generally used for connecting pipe to pipe or pipe to swage. A full pipe coupling has sockets at both ends and these can be either threaded or unthreaded. This threaded design allows them to be easily screwed onto the pipes that you are joining.

A half pipe coupling on the other hand is only threaded or socket welded on the one end. The other end can be welded directly into the pipe operation, forming a branch connection.

This can be used to either extend or terminate the pipe that it is connected to which can either prolong or stop the pipeline operations of that pipe.

What are pipe couplings made of?

Pipe couplings come in a variety of different materials. Generally, they will be made of the same or similar materials that you are joining them to, to create a seamless flow. They can be made of metal or plastic, with the metal options being strong enough to be welded or withstand the flow of many different materials.

Pipe couplings are integral when it comes to working with any type of piping system. They can assist in repairing or extending pipelines, rerouting your pipe system around obstacles or simply to change the direction that your pipes are going in.

They ensure that the pipes that you're connecting together remain strong and can withstand the liquids, gasses or air that will be pumped through the piping system. In short, they're fantastic tools that can help facilitate the success of the pipe sections that they're being connected to.

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