Jaybro supplies TL-4 safety barriers for Western Sydney bus interchange

Jaybro supplies TL-4 safety barriers for Western Sydney bus interchange

The project

In early 2022, St Marys bus station in Western Sydney was undergoing modernisation, and the contractor approached Jaybro needing a safety barrier solution.

For this high risk environment in close proximity to pedestrians, the contractor needed a 0 deflection median barrier with a narrow footprint.

Although high speeds were not likely to be a consideration, the surrounding area posed many safety concerns including proximity to carparks, pedestrians, shared areas and several bus stops.

The solution

After speaking to the barrier team at Jaybro, it became clear that the best solution would be a TL4-rated crash barrier. Jaybro was able to supply the DB80A T150S, which was installed quickly and easily by the contractor, and anchored on both sides of the barrier to the median island.

This offered a safe and cost-effective solution using different lengths of barriers to achieve various runs in and around the bus interchange.

The installation of approximately 200m of Deltabloc safety barriers enabled higher safety in the bus station area.
TL-4 Safety barriers available from Jaybro
Jaybro supplies the DB80A T150S barrier which is the first TL4-rated concrete barrier with a very low deflection of just 0.80m.

For more information on this product or to talk with our team of safety barrier experts, get in touch with Jaybro.

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