Jaybro's Fencing Solutions Enhancing North East Link Infrastructure

Jaybro's Fencing Solutions Enhancing North East Link Infrastructure

The Project

The North East Link Program is a transformative infrastructure initiative aimed at filling a critical transport gap in Victoria. The Spark North East Link Design & Construct Joint Venture (Spark NEL D&C JV, or Spark) took charge of the monumental task of delivering the program’s primary package, worth $11.1 billion. This mammoth project includes the construction of 6.5km of three-lane twin road tunnels, bridging the connection between the M80 and the Eastern Freeway. Spark, an esteemed consortium, incorporates multiple construction and commercial partners, notably Webuild, CPB Contractors, GS Engineering & Construction, and China Construction Oceania. Since being awarded this prestigious package in October 2021, the consortium has been in rigorous mobilisation mode.

The Challenge

With such an expansive and high-stakes project comes the need for robust safety measures, effective site demarcation, and crowd control. Providing secure barriers and temporary fencing solutions that are adaptable, durable, and reliable is crucial. Spark required a substantial amount of these essential items to guarantee the smooth progression of the construction, minimise disruptions, and ensure the safety of both workers and the public.

Our Solution

Jaybro was entrusted with the responsibility of meeting Spark's need for safety and demarcation materials. To date, we have delivered 663 Trafix water-filled barriers, equating to a significant 1326 lm. Recognising the differing needs across the vast construction site, we also provided a combination of fencing solutions: over 2km of temporary fence panels were supplied, which includes 972.5m of our 2000 series and 1060m of the heavy-duty variant.

Furthermore, for efficient crowd management and demarcation during peak times and crucial construction phases, we supplied a combination of 585 orange crowd control barriers and 139 silver crowd control barriers. In total, this amounts to over 1.5km (1665.2lm) of crowd control barriers.

Jaybro's solutions were not just about quantity but were tailored to the specific needs of the project. Our products ensured that Spark could carry on with its pivotal development without compromise on safety, security, or efficiency. Through collaboration and understanding the profound significance of the North East Link Program, Jaybro was proud to play a role in shaping the future of transport in Victoria.

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