North East Link Project: Ensuring Safety with Temporary Fencing Solutions

North East Link Project: Ensuring Safety with Temporary Fencing Solutions

Challenges of Temporary Fencing in Large Projects:

Extensive construction sites like the North East Link require robust yet adaptable fencing solutions. These solutions need to:

  • Ensure worker and public safety: Create secure perimeters to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard pedestrians and workers.

  • Be adaptable and durable: Withstand harsh weather conditions and potential on-site hazards while remaining easy to install and reconfigure.

  • Facilitate efficient site management: Enable clear demarcation of different work zones, control traffic flow, and manage crowd control during peak periods.

Meeting the Needs of the North East Link Project:

Jaybro, a leading supplier of temporary fencing solutions, partnered with Spark NEL D&C JV, the consortium delivering the North East Link project's primary package. Jaybro's comprehensive solutions catered to the project's diverse fencing needs:

  • Water-filled barriers: 663 Trafix water-filled barriers provided a stable and secure perimeter solution, easily adaptable to uneven terrain.
  • Temporary fence panels: Over 2km of temporary fence panels, including both the 2000 series and heavy-duty variants, offered robust yet versatile fencing for various site sections.
  • Crowd control barriers: A combination of 585 orange and 139 silver crowd control barriers, totaling over 1.5km, effectively managed crowd flow and demarcated critical work zones during peak construction phases.

Beyond Quantity: Tailored Solutions for Project Success:

Jaybro's approach went beyond simply providing fencing materials. Their team collaborated closely with Spark to understand the project's specific requirements and ensure the chosen solutions:

  • Met stringent safety regulations.
  • Offered optimal durability and adaptability for the project's duration.
  • Facilitated efficient site management and workflow.

By providing tailored solutions and prioritizing safety, Jaybro played a significant role in the smooth progress of the North East Link project. Elevate your next project with Jaybro! With our expertise honed from major ventures like the North East Link, we're poised to make your endeavour seamless. Contact us today and let's achieve success together.

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