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What is Banner Mesh?

Banner Mesh as the name implies is a banner created from polyester woven mesh fabric. With similar properties to shade cloth. The woven design of the banner mesh allows for digital printing, whilst allowing air to flow.

Mesh banners come in a closed weave (tight knit), offering high privacy with 80% block-out. Closed weave provides better print quality, but restricts the airflow. Wind slits are available, yet open Weave is a better choice for high-wind or coastal area.

Closed weave banner mesh is 80% material and 20% air breathability, with a fabric weight of 280 gsm.

Open weave mesh banners are a loose-knit weave. Designed to maximise airflow whilst still allowing for excellent print quality. Manufactured at 50% material and 50% air breathability, with a fabric weight of 175 gsm.

Open and closed weave mesh banners are both UV treat polyester. Easy to handle and is compliant with all OH&S requirements. Similar properties mean both types of banner available in 1.6m or 1.8m x 50m lengths. Available to cut into short length if needed.

Open Weave banner Mesh

What are PVC Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl banners use a heavyweight PVC vinyl. The solid sheet design reduces the banners airflow properties. Vinyl Banners are not recommended for temporary fencing. cyclone fencing or other styles of steel mesh fences in windy areas. PVC Vinyl banners offer 100% block out. Are UV treated to reduce print fade and have a material weight of 440 gsm. They come with kedar rope hemming with the option of standard hemming and eyelets.

Large Vinyl Banner

What is the difference?

Comparing banner material is not as easy as choosing the one looks best. Consider the application the of the banner, where it will be displayed. Airflow is the biggest difference between banner materials.

Choosing a PVC banner for use on a temporary fence near a beach, for example, may not be the best choice. Yes, it will offer great print quality with 100% block out. but, even with wind slit installed the banner will act like a sail in high winds. Heavy winds on a vinyl banner could cause the fencing to blow over if not braced right.

As a result of airflow – PVC or Vinyl banners are ideal for surfaces that don’t allow for wind penetration. The most common use for vinyl banners is on construction site hoardings. but are also used on building wraps, anti-gawk screen and indoor applications.

Another noticeable difference is the print quality. As mention above Vinyl has 100% printable surface, closed weave has 80% and open weave 50%. Vinyl allows for incredible print quality. whilst open & closed weave still provide excellent print quality.

Closed Mesh Banner Material

Closed Weave

Open Mesh Banner Material

Open Weave

Shade Cloth Knit

Shade Cloth

Closed Mesh Banner Material

PVC Vinyl

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