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In the video above Jarrod talks about underground warning tapes, mains marker tapes are non-adhesive tapes printed with warning messages that give indications to excavators about any buried services like gas mains, sewers or anything along those lines. Jaybro stock two types of underground marker tapes, detectable and non-detectable.

The detectable comes with a stainless steel tracer wire that is used in conjunction with a pipe locator to find the service in the ground. This tape is normally used on non-conductive service, for example, PVC or poly. The tape is 100mm wide and comes in a 250m roll.

The non-detectable tape is just that, it’s used on services that are conductive and do not require the stainless steel tracer. The tape is 150mm wide and comes in a 500m roll.

Mains Marker tape should be laid above the services, spaced evenly between the service and the surface, providing a warning to machine operators before any damage to the service is caused during an excavation

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