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Australian Safety Sign Information

Jaybro’s range of safety signage is designed to meet the Australian standards that outline precise parameters for safety signs in an industrial environment. The following information details how Jaybro classifies their signs, dimensions and materials with examples of signage that is used on construction sites, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Metal code 01

0.6mm steel with 7 year weather resistant coating. Standard with rounded corners and mounting holes.

Poly code 02

1.6mm poly, UV stable and resists fading and cracking for up to 5 years. Poly is fully recyclable.

Corflute code 03

(CODE 03) Corflute
3mm fluted plastic.Low cost alternative, ideal for temporary applications.

Vinyl code 04

(CODE 02) Vinyl
Outdoor permanent adhesive vinyl. Simply peel backing paper off and apply to any clean smooth surface.


Sign Code System

A = 600 x 450mm B = 450 x 300mm C = 300 x 225mm

Danger signs warn employees, contractors and the general public of potential hazards or hazardous condition that could be life-threatening. The word DANGER appears in white text on a red background with a black border and black text.

Click here to view our range of: Danger Safety signs

Mandatory Signs denote a recommended behaviour such as ‘eye protection must be worn’. A white pictogram appears on a blue background with black text. The picto and text will depend on the situation and risk at hand.

Click here to view our range of: Mandatory Safety Signs

Warning signs alert workers and pedestrians of hazards or a hazardous condition that is not likely to be life-threatening but could cause injury. Sign design will vary depending on the situation and the risk.

A triangle symbol depicting the hazard may appear above text; both appear in black on a yellow background, the word ‘WARNING’ may also appear in yellow on a black as a heading. 

Click here to view our range of: Warning signs

Emergency and exit signs provide specific information during emergency situations or when an individual(s) is exposed to injury or hazards in the workplace.

Indicating the location of exits, safety and fire protection equipment, or for giving guidance and instruction in a crisis.

Click here to view our range of: Emergency and exit signs

Notice & Information signs display large, legibly printed messages to inform workers and the general public of an object or to provide direction and instruction. Traffic information signs provide the maximum speed e.g. 40, displayed as black text in a red circle without text.

Click here to view our range of: Notice & Information signs

Prohibition signs illustrate forbidden or unaccepted behaviour within a certain area for example ‘No smoking’ or  ‘No pedestrian access’.

Easily identified by a black picto inside a red circle and diagonal cross through with black text beneath.

Click here to view our range of:  Prohibition signs

Danger sign
Mandatory safety signs
Warning Safety Signs
Emergency exit sign
Notice signs
No Smoking Sign

Cheap custom made signs

Do you need a custom made safety sign, or a particular message that isn’t listed online? We can make it for you! Custom made safety signs are surprisingly cheap and can be made up in our Arndell Park printing facility, fast.

Because we print our own signs on site, we have a lot of control over quality, speed, and last minute changes. When you buy custom signs from Jaybro you can choose your own:

  • Size
  • Colours
  • Reflective or non-reflective
  • Base material
  • Text / messages / details
  • Images, graphics or icons

The options are endless! Give our friendly team a call on 1300 885 364 and let us know what custom sign wording you need. We’ll give you a price and get the printing underway, fast!

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