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In the video above Nathan talks about construction site safety flagging, a quick and economical solution to cordon off areas or highlight possible dangers on site.

Jaybro supplies reusable safety flagging in 4 different colours:  orange, green, blue and yellow. All of our flags come in 30m lengths and are sold individually, in boxes of 40 or pallets of 480.

Orange flags are also available in 100 metre lengths, purchased individually, in boxes of 10 or a pallet of 180.

What is safety flagging used for?
Construction safety flags also known as Bunting and flag on a rope is used to mark out areas on civil and construction job sites, the highly visible flags provide warning of equipment, dangerous environments, job site hazards and restricting pedestrian access to these areas.

The term ‘flag on a rope’ comes from the appearance of this product; made with white nylon rope contains PVC triangular flags.

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