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Why PORTABOOM® is better than stop/slow traffic management

Designed for traffic control operations, the PORTABOOM® is a remote controlled portable boom gate that has redefined safety.

Compared to traditional stop/slow methods, it offers greater control and increased safety for traffic controllers on site, offers a reduced personnel requirement and also provides a more highly visible cue for motorists to stop.

Take a look at this video showing how the PORTABOOM® benefits both roadwork and construction situations. 

How PORTABOOM® can benefit road work operations

Traditionally traffic controllers need to stand on the road to control and signal traffic, putting them directly in harm’s way and at risk from injury if a motorist is distracted or aggressive.

If the traffic controllers are replaced by PORTABOOM® units at each end of the work site, they can be operated by one person using two remote controls.

The added physical barrier provided by the PORTABOOM® portable boom gate encourages motorists to slow down and stop. Plus, traffic controllers are able to move about and stand in the shade if necessary, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

Having traffic controllers that are free to move around the site also ensures that other duties like pedestrian control and sign checks can be taken care of, whilst traffic flow is still being managed via remote control.

The PORTABOOM®’s physical barrier provides superior and safe work zone protection for all kinds of road work operations.

Great for construction site access

Traffic controllers at construction sites typically have to wait for long periods for deliveries or site trucks to arrive. This can be very unproductive and means two traffic controllers are often spending large portions of their day waiting.

On the other hand, when using a PORTABOOM®, only one traffic controller is required to man the access gate. When a delivery truck arrives, the traffic controller can stop traffic by operating two remote-controlled boom gates from a safe zone out of the roadway.

The PORTABOOM® provides highly recognizable and immediate communication to motorists to stop. This allows the delivery truck to enter the site with adequate room to manoeuvre. Plus, it reduces fatigue for traffic controllers and consequently enhances alertness, ensuring your workers are focused on the job at hand.

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To find out more or get a quote on the PORTABOOM® portable boom gates, contact our traffic expert Derek Bell.

Derek Bell, Road Signs & Traffic Division Manager  |  derek.bell@jaybro.com.au

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