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Acoustic curtains help to keep students focused 

Sydney school redevelopment
Reitsma Constructions, June 2019


A school in Sydney’s inner west is undergoing a $12 million redevelopment. An impressive new 2-storey learning space will be created, complete with theatre, studios and collaboration spaces. The project also includes a large amount of external works and car parking areas.

As portions of the construction will be undertaken during school hours, a robust and effective sound dampening system was required to ensure classes were impacted as little as possible.

Contractors Reitsma Constructions chose 35 Fortress Sound Barrier acoustic curtains to attenuate noise on site.


Reitsma Constructions specialises in construction in the education space, and as such has been awarded this contract for the inner western Sydney school. The contract includes the abovementioned new learning space, as well as refurbishing a heritage-listed building by delicately replacing its 100 year old slate roof.

As the works would run throughout school hours, it was imperative that Reitsma Constructions could have controls in place to limit construction noise as much as possible. Along with thoughtful scheduling, the project managers put in place a series of sound dampening measures that would limit the noise filtering into classrooms and reduce disruption for students.


Jaybro supplied 35 panels of Fortress Noise Barrier curtains for this project.

Constructed from layered noise-dampening materials, the panels form a tough, durable acoustic barrier that is extremely effective at attenuating noise. With Velcro strips on each long side and a neat hemmed and eyeletted finish top and bottom, the panels form a solid barrier when clipped together.

Acoustic noise barrier curtains provide an excellent noise barrier on construction sites and in other noisy work areas, both indoor and outdoor. Offering up to 27 decibels of noise reduction, the Fortress Sound Barrier is quick and easy to erect on site.

The Fortress Sound Barrier acoustic curtains are easy to fit to temporary fencing, hoarding, scaffolding and other construction walling. They are UV resistant, fire resistant and waterproof, giving them a long life span. Additionally, their solid construction helps to reduce dust, debris and fumes when fixed to perimeter fencing.

These sound barrier curtains are also available with special MLV or Mass Loaded Vinyl for extra noisy applications.


  • System used: Fortress Sound Barrier Acoustic Curtains
  • Time Period: Installed June 2019
  • Customer: Reitsma Constructions
  • Quantity: 35 panels
  • Install Length: 45m +


Length: 1300mm
Height: 2000mm
27dB Noise Reduction
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.80 in absorption test
Material: Multi-layered materials encased in Vinyl
Weighs approx. 8kg per panel

Reitsma Constructions

School Refurbishment

Inner West Sydney, Australia


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