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Flame Retardant Containment Netting for Flinders Link

Flinders Link transport project
Adelaide, October 2019


Jaybro supplied flame retardant containment netting to the contractor for their work on the Flinders Link Project.

This project is jointly funded by the SA and Australian governments, with $125 million being spent on extending rail lines in order to creating better health and education links in Adelaide.

Our customer was awarded the contract to construct a 650-metre extension of the current Tonsley rail line, including an elevated single track over Sturt Road and Main South Road in Adelaide. This will link key medical and education locations to the passenger rail network. Additionally, a new station will be built, replacing the existing Tonsley station.


During construction of the headstocks for the elevated line, the contractor required a tough and safe containment mesh to surround the scaffolding, ensuring safety for workers and compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.

The project manager sought a local supplier in Adelaide to provide flame retardant containment netting which would be fixed around the headstocks during construction.


26 rolls of Jaybro’s FRC-Mesh G2 fire retardant mesh have been utilised so far on this project. The contractor has installed the mesh in order to enclose the scaffolding from the inside, providing a safer environment for staff working at heights.

Flame retardant containment netting is a uniquely designed and patented containment mesh. It is often used on construction sites to prevent falling objects and provide safety for workers using the scaffolding. Jaybro’s FRC-Mesh G2 has been extensively tested against similar products on the market and has shown to be stronger and lighter.

Additionally, the new and improved flame retardant containment (FRC) mesh has a flammability index of 2. To put this in perspective, the flammability index is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 being the least hazardous. Therefore this product’s flammability index of 2 gives it an excellent flame resistance. This ensures contractors can comply with recommendations around fire retardant shadecloth and scaffold mesh.

The mesh is also free of wire, eliminating tangles or potential cuts. However, the fibreglass reinforced PVC is still extremely durable. Each 10m x 1.85m high roll weighs 17kg and should be installed following the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to achieve full compliance as a fire retardant mesh.


  • FRC-Mesh G2 fire retardant containment mesh
  • Time Period: Installed October 2019
  • Quantity: 26 rolls
  • Install Length: 260m


– Flammability Index 2
– Compliance with QLD WH&S Act 2011
– AS2001.2.3.1-01 – Methods of Test for Textiles
– AS3706.4 – Geotextiles Methods of test Determination of burst strength (CBR)
– 1891.1 Appendix B – Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices part 1, harnesses and ancillary equipment. Appendix B: determination of static breaking strength of load-bearing webbing.
– AS1530.2 – Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures. Test for flammability of materials.


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