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Blades & Discs

Cutting Discs and Blades

For cutting discs, cutting wheels, diamond blades, saw blades, grinder blades and more - Jaybro are your civil and construction consumables experts! 

Cutting discs and cutting wheels suit a variety of cutting applications such as stainless steel. 

Circular saw diamond blades are suitable for cutting asphalt and concrete. Husqvarna 14 inch diamond blades and 16 inch diamond blades offer excellent cutting speed on extremely hard, heavy reinforced concrete or softer concrete and asphalt. 

Jaybro is committed to fast, professional and effective customer service. Our friendly team are always happy to help – if you need assistance finding the right product for your application, contact 1300 885 364 or email us at

Cutting Wheels

Circular Saw Blades

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