Pipe Accessories

Pipe Accessories

Pipe blocking supplies, valve covers, couplings, bushes and boxes

Jaybro stocks a variety of pipe couplings and bushes. Standard couplings are commonly used in sewers, drains and other low and non-pressurised applications for coupling joints on virtually any material or diameter. All Jaybro's couplings comply with BS EN295-4, WIS 4-41-01 and BS EN16397 standards.

Moulded bushes are best for applications where pipe diameters differ significantly. Our bushes are engineered from the same high-quality elastomeric rubber as their seals.

We also carry a series of valve covers  for sluice valves in various colours to suit council and water authority regulations. Service covers are used to cover hydrants and valves. They are non-trafficable and generally installed in nature strips.

If you are looking for gas box, valve box, SV box and hydrant box covers, Jaybro can assist. Contact our friendly team on 1300 885 364 or email sales@jaybro.com.au.

Pipe Blocking Supplies

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