When does it become more cost-effective to buy temporary fencing over hiring?

When does it become more cost-effective to buy temporary fencing over hiring?

At first glance, it might seem cheaper to hire temporary fencing for your project.

However, for longer-term projects and sites that require large amounts of fencing, you’ll find that buying is almost always more budget-friendly.

When should I hire temporary fencing?

Hiring temporary fencing can be more cost-effective for small jobs on a tight timeline, or for one-off owner-builder projects.

Hiring also means that you don’t need to worry about storing your temporary fencing panels, however, most construction and infrastructure contractors have a wide variety of plant and equipment that needs storage in a depot or yard anyway, so storing panels is not an issue.

Renting temporary fencing is perfectly fine for jobs where you’re not likely to use it again, but as soon as you start to consider the repetitive use of your panels, the budget starts to tip in favour of buying.

Additionally, it’s worth understanding that there are some hidden costs in hiring that can catch contractors off guard. These include set up fees for wet hire, damages, admin fees, and various charges for extending or altering rental agreements. As the site needs change so can the fencing, so if you’re going into a hire agreement make sure you’re covered for different scenarios that will play out as your job progresses.

You can also be charged for lost or stolen panels, and for panels that are damaged during the course of your project.

For professional contractors who frequently use temporary fencing for defining work areas, securing worksites and controlling access, buying temporary fencing is the cheaper option.

When is it better to buy temporary fencing?

Contractors that buy temporary fencing know what they’re getting for a single, one-off fixed cost. You know what you’re getting straight up, and of course, the panels are yours to own so you can use them again and again.

The ability to use your panels repetitively means you can get a high return on investment, with temporary fencing paying for itself after just a few projects.

Buying new, high-quality steel fence panels is more economical in the long run, and you’re assured that you’re getting a sound, reliable and fully supported product backed by excellent customer service.

As a temporary fencing shop that supplies some of Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects, Jaybro holds plenty of stock of the popular Fortress Fencing panels. This means we can get them to your site fast, making it easy for contractors to buy fencing for urgent projects.

Benefits of buying a temporary fence

  • No surprise fees or hidden charges - just a one-off cost.
  • More flexibility, with a fence that is yours to set up, move, dismantle and rearrange however you wish.
  • No delivery, on hire or off-hire hassles, giving you control over your own time to set up and dismantle your temporary fencing.
  • You can buy temporary fencing online - just a few clicks and you’re done, unlike hire which requires ongoing budgeting, invoices and admin.
  • Making a capital purchase is always an advantage for your business - fence panels are a depreciable asset and purchasing them can provide a tax benefit.
  • After a few projects, your fencing has paid for itself, giving you a great return on investment.

Common uses for construction site fencing

Temporary fencing panels are frequently spotted on construction and infrastructure sites, keeping the area secure and safe for both workers and the public.

When you buy a temporary fence, you can set it up in multiple ways, providing a range of different security and privacy benefits.

Some of the most common uses for temporary fencing include:

  • Securing worksites and equipment by fencing off the perimeter of the site
  • Creating privacy for workers by screening off areas with shade cloth or banner mesh
  • Limiting access to your site: controlling access with gates is one way to ensure strong security. Both pedestrian and vehicle gates are available to buy as an accessory for your regular temporary fencing panels.
  • Ensuring you’re compliant with local building laws: no matter where you are in Australia, it’s likely that there is legislation that states you must sec
  • Keeping vandals out - protect your expensive machinery and equipment!
  • General public safety and isolating hazards: whilst it’s important to keep your site secure from theft and vandalism, it’s arguably more important to keep the public safe. Making sure pedestrians can’t accidentally injure themselves on or near your site is one of the most important reasons to erect temporary fencing.

Shop online for temporary fencing

Our specialist team of fencing experts can provide a fast quote for temporary fencing so you can get on with your project. Get in touch with Jaybro on 1300 885 364 or email sales@jaybro.com.au, or simply order fence panels online here.

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