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Water filled barrier specifications

Water barriers for are seen all over the country on building sites, in car parks, at events and along walkways near construction activities. These lightweight water-filled plastic barriers are a practical solution for pedestrian safety. Products such as the Trafix and the Water-Wall barriers are practical and easy to transport.

Although they come in different styles, all water barriers function in a similar way. They are placed along site perimeters and around no-go areas to protect pedestrians and workers from being impacted by low speed vehicles.

Lighter barriers such as these are generally not crash rated – they instead provide a low impact, primarily visual barrier to control pedestrian traffic. They can assist in reducing vehicle penetration, although they are not suitable for protecting people from high speed traffic. For protection against cars travelling at regular road speeds, a concrete crash barrier is usually a safer solution.

If you simply need a water filled barrier for your site, we’ve put together this list of water barrier specifications to help you compare some of the different models available.

Water filled barrier capacity

The average water filled barrier weighs between 25kg and 40kg empty, making them extremely easy to deploy and install on site. Additionally, their lightweight design and manoeuvrability mean they can be installed without the use of a crane. Once filled with water, the barriers can weigh up to 500kg depending on the model. This results in a strong, sturdy barrier that will remain in place and will not fold up or topple over like some other pedestrian barriers.

Water filled barriers are frequently used in areas such as construction sites and in carparks, where vehicles are travelling slower than normal. Products such as the Water Wall barriers are quite sturdy when filled with water. These comply to Australian Standards and are designed and tested for use on private, local and council roads. It’s important to note however that they are not approved by Austroads and are therefore not suitable for use on state road networks.

The Engage* and Trafix barriers are a better choice for deployment in very low speed areas such as car parks, events and construction sites.

Water barrier dimensions and sizes

There’s some difference in the length of these barriers too which is important when calculating how many you require for your site. The Water Wall barrier measures 1800mm long, the Trafix water filled barrier is longer at 2150mm.

The biggest difference, however, and the specification that determines how much pedestrian barricade protection they provide, is their weight when filled with water. The Water-Wall maxes out at 500kg which is in part why it has achieved a TL-1 MASH rating (read more about MASH ratings here). It’s tough, rigid and each module connects together with a steel pin, forming an unbroken barricade.

The Trafix barrier weighs 327kg when full and provides a strong barrier, but not strong enough to withstand high speed vehicles. The Engage* is the lightest weight option at only 105kg when full – it’s best for pedestrian use only.

Water barrier specifications

Water-Wall Trafix 2000 Engage*
Approvals Complies with AS/NZS 3845, TL-1 MASH
Best for Private local and council roads Pedestrian control, carparks, work sites Pedestrian control
Module connections Steel pin Moulded pin Moulded pin
Weight (as supplied) 41kg 20kg 24kg
Weight (filled with water) 500kg 327kg 105kg
Module length 1800mm 2150mm 2200mm
Module height 810mm 900mm 800mm
Module width 450mm 500mm 370mm
Material Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
Colours available Red White, Red White, Orange

Water barriers for sale

Jaybro holds large stock quantities of both crash and non-crash rated barriers in our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and selected other locations. With a choice of styles, there’s a solution for any work site.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team can provide in-depth information relating to these products, or our barrier solutions expert Ben Lorne can assist.

*Update 26-8-19: The Engage is now discontinued and therefore no longer available from Jaybro. To discuss an ideal alternative for your site, please give our friendly team a call. 

Expert Assistance with DB80 Specifications

Our specialist team of concrete and water filled safety barrier experts can provide all the documentation you require including test reports and approvals. Get in touch with our barrier expert Ben Lorne today for more information.

Ben Lorne, Barrier Solutions Manager   |   ben.lorne@fortressfencing.com.au

This information is provided as an introductory guide only and does not constitute professional advice. Ensure you make your own independent enquiries before deciding if a particular product is right for you. Consult the regulations and standards applicable to your area and check with your workplace health and safety representative for further information. Jaybro does not warrant the accuracy, content, completeness or suitability of the information on this site (or any site owned by the Jaybro Group) for your individual purposes.

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