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VMS with STREAMS Compliance: The best choice for Victorian Roads

Jaybro’s range of VMS trailers is certified to be used with STREAMS, the award-winning ITS platform developed by Transmax.

Transmax has awarded Jaybro’s variable message signs with a STREAMS compliance statement after successful testing. The STREAMS ITS platform makes life easier for road authorities by allowing them to manage their fleet of mobile signage remotely and holistically, rather than as individual, disconnected units.

Being able to see the big picture ensures that optimum traffic flow can be controlled and managed at a central location, 24/7. Responding in real-time to changed conditions ensures better communication flow to motorists as well as smoother incident management and reduced response times.

What is STREAMS?

STREAMS is a two way communication system between a road authority such as VicRoads, and fixed or portable signage assets that are positioned throughout the road network. It allows for both high level control via a host system operated at the traffic management centre, and in-situ street level control from a 4G modem positioned on the VMS itself.

This means that data capture from the field can be immediately sent back to the TMC, and likewise, traffic management personnel can adjust and change field unit messaging to immediately respond to on-site conditions.

How does it work with a VMS?

Rather than encumbering the VMS with an additional power-draining piece of hardware, a modem is positioned on the VMS which communicates with a field processing unit. This unit is generally located in an office due to its inherent power consumption, as is typically impractical to be fitted directly to the mobile VMS. The modem provides the missing link, enabling reliable two-way communication over mobile internet.

Using the standard TSI-SP-003 protocol familiar to traffic authority systems, the OPTraffic variable message signs can be remotely changed in an instant to ensure text and graphics are responsive to current traffic conditions.

This system is commonly used by VicRoads throughout Melbourne and further afield in Victoria. It is also successfully used by other state road authorities including QLD DPI, RMS and more.

Monitor, control and manage traffic throughout your network with the STREAMS enabled VMS from Jaybro.

If you need a STREAMS compatible VMS for your infrastructure project, road & traffic management operations or you need to integrate an ITS (intelligent transport system) unit into your fleet, get in touch with Jaybro for more information.

Or, get in touch with our electronic traffic expert Derek Bell today to find out how to take advantage of STREAMS functionality in your variable message sign.

Derek Bell, Road Signs & Traffic Division Manager

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