Get a great deal on used concrete road barriers!

Jaybro is a premier supplier of Deltabloc DB80 concrete barriers to major civil projects across Australia.

We frequently help our customers recoup some of the initial costs of buying concrete barriers by offering a buy back scheme at the time of purchase. When these projects come to an end, we buy back concrete road barriers with minor cosmetic damage.

This leaves us with an extensive stock of second-hand concrete barriers for sale!

Buying used concrete barriers is a cheaper alternative to buying brand new. Jaybro sells used precast concrete crash barriers, saving you money whilst still providing excellent traffic-rated protection.



Ben Lorne is the barrier solutions manager at Jaybro.

Contact Ben now on 0436 638 792 for pricing and availability on a wide range of new and used concrete barriers.



Big savings, same TL-3 MASH-approved protection

Despite the small amount of damage they incur throughout their life on a single job, concrete barriers are often far from being written off at the end of the project. Second-hand concrete barriers may contain cosmetic blemishes, but our team evaluate each one thoroughly before it’s deemed to be acceptable for resale.

These concrete barriers are stocked in our yards in various states across Australia.

Quality control for peace of mind

Jaybro obtains high volumes of used concrete barriers that are available to buy. All our used concrete barriers are thoroughly inspected, appraised and approved before being added to stock.

These barriers are in excellent condition with light scuffs and non-structural chips. Yet, if appearance is a concern, refurbishing these used barriers is exceptionally easy. Barriers can be cleaned, patched and repainted using road authority approved methods, before being put into service at your site.

All used barriers deemed structurally sound are approved for re-use.

Hoarding on concrete barriers


Why hire when you can buy & return?

In most cases, concrete barriers are deployed for extended periods. Hiring barriers under these circumstances are often much more expensive. Project delays caused by weather, supply issues or industrial action mean that concrete barrier hire is an ongoing cost that just keeps adding up, even when your project isn’t running smoothly.

On the other hand, purchasing outright with a buyback option provides you with a one-off fixed cost for the life of the project. No surprises, hidden costs or blown out budgets resulting from extended hire times.

How it works

1. Request a quote for the required number of MASH-approved concrete barriers for your project, noting that you want to make use of the buyback scheme

2. We’ll send you a simple quote breaking down the outright cost and the buy-back dollar value per barrier

3. There’s no hidden costs: your quote will cover whether transport is included and how long the buy-back offer is valid for (typically 5 years)

4. We’ll quote both with and without buy back, so you can easily compare two numbers and make an informed choice

5. We’ll talk you through the barrier return and evaluation process so you understand how we individually approve or reject each barrier.

Talk to an expert about our buy back scheme 1300 885 364.


A depreciable asset to use over and over again

For our customers who have an ongoing need for concrete barriers, it can be more commercially viable to buy concrete crash barriers as an outright purchase.

When you buy concrete road barriers for re-use at many projects, they become a depreciable asset, giving you financial benefits in the long run. Our range of Deltabloc DB80 concrete barriers are MASH approved to test level 3, Main Roads approved, and available in 2, 4 or 6 metre lengths.

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