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Flashing patterns for Truck Mounted Arrow boards

Truck mounted arrow boards are a simple solution for directing vehicles during changed traffic conditions. They are often used for temporary lane closures as well as for roadside breakdowns, TMA trucks, emergencies and road works. These versatile vehicle mounted signs can also be used on work sites to help direct trucks and mobile plant on site.

The LED arrow boards can be programmed using a simple controller to show a wide range of flashing patterns for different situations. They can show different styles of left or right arrows, as well as flashing caution patterns.

The complexity of the arrow style is determined by how many lamps or LED lights are on the board. Boards range from having 13 lights on one side, up to 25 lights on each side.

Styles of truck mounted arrow boards

Single sided vehicle mount:

  • 13 lights
  • 15 lights
  • 25 lights

Double sided vehicle mount:

  • 26 lights
  • 30 lights
  • 50 lights

Flashing patterns for arrow boards

High-output amber LEDs provide superior visibility, giving flash rates of 30 to 40 per minute. The programmable arrow patterns include the following:

Single sided arrow boards with 13 lights or double sided with 26 lights:
Single sided arrow boards with 15 lights or double sided with 30 lights:

  • Single head left arrow or right arrow
  • Double ended flashing arrows
  • Caution flashing rectangular corners

Single sided boards with 25 lights or double sided with 50 lights:

  • Single head left arrow or right arrow
  • Left or right triple chevron
  • Double ended flashing arrows
  • Caution flashing rectangular corners
  • Caution alternating diamonds
  • Caution bar (central line)

What are the benefits of a truck mounted arrow board?

  • Simple on board controller for easy operation from the truck’s cab
  • Energy efficient operation and low current draw
  • Cooling fans to prevent overheating
  • Lamps and shrouds are easily replaced, allowing for simple maintenance
  • Wide angularity for superior visibility
  • Optional actuator for automatic raising and lowering
  • Folds away easily when not in use
  • IP65 rated for all weather durability


Why buy a truck mounted arrow board from Jaybro?

With full spare parts and servicing support, Jaybro can supply direct to your location along the east coast of Australia. For more information on truck mounted arrow boards contact our friendly team today.


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