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Trafix Water Barriers for Blacktown Work Site

Fairwater Estate, August 2019


Our customer is currently working on a residential release at the Fairwater development near Blacktown in Sydney’s West. Located near the established suburbs of Marayong and Woodcroft, the estate is set on a 38 hectare former golf course, and has more than nine hectares of open space.


With over 800 people already living at Fairwater, the contractor is constructing new homes in close proximity to pedestrians and motorists. With the team working on another housing release adjacent to the existing site, it was imperative to ensure that safety standards were top notch.

In order to safeguard workers on foot near the site office and protect pedestrians from potential vehicle impacts, a series of safe and reliable water barriers were needed. The Trafix Water Barrier was identified as an ideal solution, as it was economical, lightweight and easy to move when empty, and is designed for use in carparks and worksites.


Length: 2150mm
Height: 900mm
Width: 500mm
Material: Polyethylene
Weighs 327kg when full

Fairwater Estate

Blacktown NSW, Australia


Jaybro supplied 30 Trafix 2000 Water Barriers for this project, which are being used around the site office to protect workers from vehicles.

Simple and lightweight to install when empty, each module weighs just 20kg before filling. After installation and once filled with water, each barrier weighs 327kg, providing a significantly stable and secure barrier made from material that is strength tested to Australian Standards.

Rounded corners make it safe and easy for workers to handle, and a simple interlocking pin and hole system is moulded into each barrier module, resulting in a one-piece unit with no loose pins. Built-in handles help with the interlocking process and carrying the barrier when empty.

The Trafix 2000 water filled barrier is made from eco-friendly recyclable polyethylene and is available in 2 metre long modules. It is ideal for use in pedestrian delineation applications such as this, as well as for cordoning off no-go zones, drop-offs and pits on work sites. Lights and signage can also be attached, transforming the barriers into a 24 hour traffic control product.


  • System used: Trafix Water Barriers
  • Time Period: Installed July 2019
  • Quantity: 30 Water Filled Barriers
  • Install Length: 60 m


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