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Traffic Separators for road upgrade in Parramatta

Two styles of flexible traffic separators are being used to effectively delineate changed traffic conditions at this road work project in Parramatta.

Traffic separators are sometimes known as lane separators, Versikerb or separation kerb. These highly visible devices are often placed en masse at regular intervals along a lane edge, temporary island or around small hazards such as signs or traffic lights.

Interchangeable posts and panels

At this project, workers have used a combination of yellow and black Versikerb lane separators, along with flexible red and white bollards. Both the red & white bollards and yellow & black paddle shaped separators use the same simple post & socket fixing mechanism.

This means they are easily interchangeable depending on the application.

Highly visible delineation

The brightly coloured red & white bollards and yellow & black paddles provide a strong visual warning to motorists about upcoming changed traffic conditions. These flexible traffic separator bollards fit into black and yellow base pieces, further adding to their visibility.

Additional safety around curves and bends

Workers have used separation kerb and chevron panels around this curve to ensure motorists keep to the correct lane and do not deviate over the mid line. Chevron panels are a simple and effective way to add extra visibility to midlines and tricky lane configurations.

Draw attention to small hazards

Separation kerb is used to great effect here to ensure motorists keep to the left and follow the directional signage. Kerb units have been used with flexible bollards to create a temporary island.

With the addition of regulatory traffic signs, they create an effective and highly visible traffic island.

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Modular Traffic Separators

This system is perfect for separating lanes or using for tidal flow as a moveable median unit. Reflective posts or panels have a quick release system allowing easy removal/installation. With the addition of posts or panels and accompanying end caps, this centre module forms part of a highly effective traffic separator system.


This system is designed for use in heavy traffic areas as a long-term solution to separate lanes or areas. It employs a 2 tier design, meaning the Versikerb lane divider won’t shift when struck by a vehicle, even at a normal travelling speed. It is approved to Australian Standards and offers a choice of chevron panel configurations.

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