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Traffic Lane Separators for LendLease Subdivision

Harpley Estate
Excell Gray Bruni, June 2020


Harpley Estate is a new subdivision from Lend Lease, located in Melbourne’s booming west. This 435 hectare master-planned community is projected to have around 12,000 residents on completion.

With over half the development already sold out, work is continuing on major road connections.

Final concrete works are underway to ensure this key piece of infrastructure can provide a connection through Harpley from Werribee town centre towards Wyndham Vale.


The contractor, Excell Gray Bruni, began work on the project some years ago, to date building 2000 lots, 4 wetlands, bridges and a number of major roads. This package of Development Stages 20 – 70 is worth more than $60M.

Excell Gray Bruni is currently near completion of Ison Road, Bulban Road and the Galvin Road roundabout.

As part of their commitment to safety and ensuring that construction was done to the high standards of VicRoads, the project manager need to install traffic lane separators and a range of temporary road signage. This would ensure that traffic flowed safely.


Height: 750mm
Black/Yellow Finish
Flexible paddle
Use with rubber ground sections

Excell Gray Bruni

Harpley Estate

Werribee, VIC, Australia


Jaybro supplied a range of road signs, signposts, traffic separators and rebounda bollards. The contractor was able to install Jaybro’s lane separators and wayfinding signage to ensure that vehicles adhered to the temporary road design. Lane separators are an ideal solution for changed traffic conditions and new roads, as they are easy to install without the need to be bolted to the road surface. They can, however, be pinned down for more permanent applications.

Jaybro’s lane divider paddles and ground sections are sold separately so that contractors can install a truly modular system, using whichever pieces are required. They provide highly visible delineation of lanes and in this case are ensuring that construction traffic follows the necessary route regardless of existing road markings. The tough rubber ground sections can be used with either the black and yellow chevron paddles, or red and white bollards.

Also supplied to this project were temporary road signs and reboundable bollards. Our extensive range of road signs, poles, brackets and hardware means that civil contractors, roadwork crews and construction professionals can signpost their site adequately, increasing safety for both workers and the public.

For more information on these products take a look at the detailed specifications here:


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Jaybro’s RMS traffic division encompasses a huge range of roadwork products including lane separators, bollards, cones, signage, posts, hardware, barriers and more.

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