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The Jaybro Way

Everyone is aligned with the #1 thing that needs to be accomplished this quarter to move the company forward.

The Critical Number is identified to move the company ahead this quarter.
3-5 Priorities (Big Rocks) that support the Critical Number are identified and ranked for the quarter.
A Quarterly Theme and Celebration/Reward are announced to all employees that bring the Critical Number to life.
Scoreboards with Quarterly Theme/Critical Numbers are posted throughout the company and employees are aware of the progress each week.

Communication rhythm is established and information moves through the organisation accurately and quickly.

Sales reports are emailed to all employees daily.
The leader emails a weekly ‘update’ report on all key KPIs to all employees weekly.
All employees have a weekly ‘Accountability’ meeting to review KPIs, goals for this week and discuss any issues or roadblocks.
The executive and middle managers meet for a day of learning, resolving big issues, and DNA transfer each month.
Quarterly and annually, the executive and middle managers meet off-site to work on the 4 most important goals or issues preventing ’10x’ (increasing our business by 10 times)

Everyone within the organisation knows what they are responsible for.

Each manager knows their 5 key KPI’s and they are incentivised to improve these each quarter.
Each employee has a position description that is reviewed and refreshed every quarter.
Each team has their own scoreboard tied to a team incentive plan.

Ongoing employee input is collected to identify obstacles and opportunities.

All employees have the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on their engagement, issues and ideas.
Anyone with people reporting to them have their team provide them an anonymous ‘peer review’ quarterly.
A mid-management team is responsible for the process of closing the loop on all obstacles and opportunities.

Reporting and analysis of customer feedback data is as frequent and accurate as financial data.

The ‘Net Promoter Score’ system is used to survey all customers every 3 months.
The feedback from customer surveys are reviewed at the weekly executive team meeting.
A mid-management team is responsible for the process of closing the loop on all customer feedback.
The CEO must meet with 2 customers/week to gain feedback and ideas.

Core Values and Purpose are 'alive' in the organisation

Core Values are discovered, purpose is articulated, and both are known by all employees.
All Executives and middle managers refer back to the Core Values and Purpose when giving praise or reprimands.
HR processes and activities align with the Core Values and Purpose (hiring, orientation, appraisal, recognition, etc.).
Action are identified and implemented each quarter to strengthen the Core Values and Purpose in the Organisation.

Employees can articulate the following key components of the company's strategy accurately.

Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) – Progress is tracked and visible.
Core Customer(s) – Their name and profile in 25 words or less.
3 Brand Promises – And the corresponding brand Promise KPIs reported on weekly.
Elevator Pitch – A compelling response to the question “why should customers buy from us?”

The Company's plans and performance are visible to everyone.

Core Values, Purpose and Priorities are posted throughout the company.
Scoreboards are up everywhere displaying current progress on KPIs and Critical Numbers.
There is a system in place for tracking and managing the cascading Priorities and KPIs.

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