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The Jaybro Culture

Jaybro is an outstanding company, our service is outstanding, and we want our people to be outstanding. They deserve a safe, enjoyable, challenging and rewarding atmosphere so they love coming to work every day.

Our outstanding culture comes from hiring the most talented people, the right person for the job. We’re pleasured to say that many of our managers have been promoted up from various positions within the business because we invest in our people to give them the best opportunities.

We take great pride in having created a workplace culture that fosters diversity and acceptance, built upon Jaybro’s core values Jaybro that were established more than 2 decades ago and It’s this outstanding culture that sets us apart enabling us to deliver the ‘JAYBRO WOW’ to customers.

Our successes, exceptional customer service and commitment are underpinned by our culture and a unique philosophy that every employee is a business owner and Jaybro is their customer. This unique approach towards ownership allows our staff to become leaders, providing them with more flexibility and control over their roles has developed a culture of highly committed employees who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.

We operate a non-hierarchical structure, Jaybro’s managing director doesn’t sit behind a locked door, instead, his desk is located amongst the staff in an open plan office ensuring inclusiveness and open communication.

Our commitment ‘to make life easier for construction contractors’ does not just end with supplying products.

At Jaybro one of our core values is to challenge the status quo, we never want to become complacent and accept the status quo just because “that is the way things have always been done around here” we embrace and drive change, it’s here to stay. We are committed to ensuring that at the end of working life you can look back and see your time at the company as one that enhanced your skills and allowed you totake the next step in your career.

Our library is a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

We have a library, with REAL BOOKS.. You can turn the pages of a book and learn about business, management, personal development, sales, marketing, leadership… the list goes on.

Checkout some of the recommended reading you find in office by clicking on the following link – view Jaybro’s recommended reads

Our staff use Jaybro ToolBox, it’s our online self-improvement application.

THE TOOLBOX is our staff training portal. It’s used to on-board new staff, manage our classroom training and deliver engaging and specific eLearning content. Staff can select from a wide range of training courses to manage their own development requirements.

Customer Centric – Meet Pat

From end to end, our business has been built from the ground up to serve Pat. Jaybro is genuinely
customer centric, every decision we make we think about how this will affect Pat.

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