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Temporary site power boards for construction

When it comes to construction and demolition work, often temporary power sources need to be established on site so that workers can plug in large equipment, power tools and extension leads.

To do this, electrical contractors route power from the mains to a temporary switchboard that is designed for short-term use during the project. This switchboard provides power across the whole site for tools, equipment, lighting, extension cords, additional socket outlet panels and so on.

The wiring is then typically removed at the completion of the work and does not form part of the permanent electrical installation.

Although it is temporary, strict regulations still apply to ensure temporary switchboards are safe and up to standard to protect workers on site.

What Standards apply to electrical supply on construction sites?

‘Construction wiring’ is the umbrella term used for any temporary electrical installations on construction sites that supply power to and around the premises. Construction wiring must comply with the Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000, and AS/NZS 3012 Electrical Installations on Construction and Demolition Sites.

These Standards lay out how temporary switchboards should be constructed, positioned, installed and connected.

Of course, any work should only be undertaken by a licensed electrical contractor.

Fully Approved Temporary Switchboards

Jaybro’s range of temporary switchboards is WorkCover approved and constructed to exacting standards. With four options available including indoor, outdoor, single and 3 phase models, there is a unit to suit the needs of any site.

How does a temporary switchboard benefit workers?

Providing many points around the site where workers can plug in extension leads and power tools ensures there is less need to run long leads all over the site. This in turn increases safety by minimising trip hazards.

A temporary switchboard also provides easy electrical isolation points around the site, and reduced potential for damage to leads.

Another way to stay safe and prevent wear on electrical leads is to use lead hooks and lead stands. These are fully insulated and ensure leads are kept high off the ground out of the way of workers.

Temporary switchboards for building sites

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