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Jaybro Buyers Guide: Temporary Sound Barriers

Temporary sound barriers are thick, dense panels designed for industrial and worksite use. They are typically attached to temporary fencing or cyclone fencing around a work area to significantly reduce the amount of nuisance noise pollution emanating from the site.

Also known as sound curtains, sonic curtains, acoustic barriers or noise barriers, these panels are made from multi-layered material.

They are designed to dampen sound from heavy machinery such as earthmoving equipment, generators, drilling operations, railway work and other noisy industrial processes.

They also do double-duty by helping to prevent dust and fumes from escaping the worksite.

Where are sound barriers used?

Sound barriers can often be used on projects where noise restrictions come into play due to an EPA recommendation or environmental impact assessment, or the contractor simply wants to attenuate noise pollution for the benefit of the local community. Additionally, sound barriers can be configured around equipment on site to protect employees and provide a safer working environment.

Typical applications for sound barriers include general construction, drilling, night work near residential areas, using compressors, jackhammers and cutting equipment, using generators, and working in occupied facilities such as schools.

Which temporary sound barrier should I choose?

Jaybro supplies different styles of noise barriers for different applications. These include our Fortress Sound Barrier Acoustic Curtain which is available with or without mass loaded vinyl, and also a sound absorbing fabric on a roll for surrounding smaller equipment, or acting as a sound absorbing layer inside structures.

Here’s some details on the different types to help you determine which is the best temporary sound barrier for your project.


Fortress Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier with MLV

Sound Blocking MLV on a Roll


Best for: regular worksites

Average noise reduction: 24dB
Panel weight: 8kg
Size: 1.3m x 2m high

A durable and effective noise dampening system, these UV resistant acoustic curtains provide an excellent noise barrier on construction sites and in other noisy work areas.

Soundproofing your site ensures effective noise reduction and helps civil contractors and builders comply with local regulations, EPA recommendations and council requirements.

Offering an average of 24dB noise reduction, the Fortress Sound Barrier is quick and easy to erect using a series of panels that fit together with Velcro.

Each panel measures 1.3m x 2m and is constructed from a layered noise dampening materials, resulting in a tough, durable acoustic barrier that is extremely effective at attenuating noise.

With a neat hemmed and eyeletted finish top and bottom, the panels form a solid barrier when clipped together.

Custom branding and logo printing is also available.


Best for: heavy worksites

Average noise reduction: 27dB
Panel weight: 18kg
Size: 1.3m x 2m high

These sound barriers act in the same way as the above, however the addition of MLV inside the panel acts to block the sound wave completely, rather than absorbing and dissipating it.

MLV or mass loaded vinyl is a special type of PVC sheeting impregnated with dense metal particles in order to increase its mass. Mass is an important component in sound attenuation and works in a similar way to the ‘fuzzy’ effect of fabric walls and soundproofed rooms.

Fuzzy fabric noise reduction methods are good at reducing mid to high frequency sounds by converting the sound waves to heat via friction. On the other hand, the use of MLV in a sound barrier acts to block the sound wave entirely, in the same way that concrete or other solid materials can block sound.

In this case, a layer of mass loaded vinyl inside the Fortress sound barrier adds an additional 10kg of mass to the panel, yet only adds millimetres of additional thickness. This panel offers the highest level of attenuation with 80% of sound absorbed at 27dB.


Best for: reducing noise from small equipment, noise insulation, soundproofing projects

Average noise reduction: 25dB
Panel weight: 4kg/m2
Size: 1.38m x 10m Roll

As described above, mass loaded vinyl acts by blocking sound waves. As opposed to a sturdy barrier panel however, this noise reducing product is a flexible vinyl that is supplied as a 10 metre long roll.

Being a fabric, it has excellent flexibility and is often used to reduce noise around pipes, ducts and other awkward shapes.

It can also be used in roof and ceiling construction applications, automotive cabin applications and as a portable noise barrier that can be easily draped over fencing as needed.

It is dense, thin, highly flexible, tear-resistant and strong. These properties give the product high transmission loss across various frequencies, resulting in an effective sound dampening system.

Note: All stated noise reduction values for the above products are averages across a range of frequencies. Each product is tested against frequencies from 100 up to 5000Hz with varying results. Please contact Jaybro for test reports, further information on standards and approvals, and expert advice on the right product for your unique application.

Help and advice on choosing a sound curtain

Jaybro’s Fortress Fencing division is a leader in barriers, fencing and site supplies such as acoustic barriers. Get in touch with our friendly team if you need some advice on the right sound barrier for your site.

This information is provided as an introductory guide only and does not constitute professional advice. Ensure you make your own independent enquiries atf your workplace before deciding if a particular product is right for you. Consult the regulations and standards applicable to your area and check with your workplace health and safety representative for further information. Jaybro does not warrant the accuracy, content, completeness or suitability of the information on this site (or any site owned by the Jaybro Group) for your individual purposes.

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