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3 Tips on How to Use Temporary Fencing to Generate New Business

Although it’s designed to provide privacy and security, your temporary mesh fencing can be transformed into a massive billboard for your business by following these 3 simple tips.

Keep it tidy!

Construction professionals that have a properly installed, nicely finished temporary mesh fence are definitely going to project a better image than builders with a messy, broken fence.

Ensure you set up and install your temp fence the right way so that it resists blowing over in the wind, breaking or being bent out of shape.

When you set up your temporary fence around civil and infrastructure projects, demolition sites, excavation zones and construction projects, it is critical to ensure it is level, properly braced, and that each panel is clamped together.

The bottom of each vertical should slot into a fence foot, and the feet should be positioned on level areas and where they aren’t going to cause a trip hazard for workers or pedestrians.

Setting up your fencing well the first time will save you hassles in the long run by preventing a fence collapse which can lead to vandalism, theft and safety issues. Take a minute to get it right, and reap the rewards of advertising your business as a professional firm with excellent attention to detail.

Not a good look!

A much better result


Brand all your safety signage

We all know that your safety signs are non-negotiable: your construction site sign, PPE notices and site contact signs all need to be there on your temporary mesh fence.

But they don’t need to be plain and boring!

Branding your mandatory signs with your business name gives a slick and professional impression. Sub-standard texta writing looks cheap, can rub off and fade, and devalues the look of your job.

Promote yourself as a contractor that’s not into cutting corners – send us your details and we can whip up a custom printed sign for your construction site, adding to your professional image.

It’s cheap and easy to brand your safety and construction site signs


Use all that blank space!

Your temporary fence is a massive blank canvas – imagine what it can look like covered in your logo!

Printed shade cloth or banner mesh is a fantastic solution that kills two birds with one stone: you screen your site for privacy and dust control – AND you have a massive area to use for high impact, large-format advertising!

Custom printed fence fabric is cheaper than you think, and it can be reused on multiple sites by simply rolling it up and packing it away for the next job.

When it gets worn out you can easily replace it, so whether you’re working on a short term or long term project, it’s a great investment to help advertise your brand and generate new business in the local area.

Unmissable branding!

Promote your brand, project or vision

Temporary fencing delivered fast to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

(Or anywhere across Australia!)

We’ve got a full range of temporary fencing panels, feet, clamps and braces – everything you need to get started with a temp fence. Our galvanized steel fence panels are built to last, and provide protection and security for both large and small sites.

Plus, we can make life easy with a package including fence panels, shade cloth and safety signs, to give your project a makeover!

Call our friendly team on 1300 885 364 or text us on 0488 841 446 – or simply request a quote and we’ll get back to you with pricing ASAP.


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