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Water filled barriers for work site parking zones

Construction site parking areas often need to be set up in areas where they are in close proximity to construction operations and large plant and equipment. Especially when working in built-up areas, worksite parking space can be hard to come by and any available space is at a premium.

It’s important when setting up your site parking area that you make it safe for workers and visitors to site. Using a barrier that will protect against potential impacts is a safety precaution that all project managers should consider.

What are the best barriers for construction site parking lots?

Water filled barriers are a great solution for construction project managers looking to create safe work zones for their team.

When mapping out a parking area for your job site, be sure to include a marginal area for water filled barriers. These relatively compact barriers are lightweight and easy to move when empty, however when filled with water they provide good impact protection for low speed movement through car parks. This means that if the barriers are separating cars from pedestrian walkways or from machinery and equipment, the water barriers will provide protection in the event of an impact or minor accident.

Other uses for water filled barriers

  • Road closures
  • Temporary work zones
  • Mining applications and other large outdoor sites eg: airport construction,
  • Crowd control and pedestrian guidance
  • Emergency vehicle zones
  • Community events, sports events and festivals

Do all water filled barriers offer the same protection?

Each water filled barrier is designed for a different purpose so it’s important to know the speed of vehicles in the area and what exactly you will be using it for.

Most water filled barriers are great for work site and car park delineation and protection, however some are specially designed for pedestrian protection only. On the other hand, some barriers are approved for areas with traffic speeds of up to 70km/hr.

Make sure you check the specifications of the barrier to ensure you’re getting the right model for your needs.

Popular water filled barriers for carparks

Trafix barrier

One of the most commonly used water filled barriers for construction site car parks and for fencing off pedestrian walkways is the Trafix barrier.

This barrier is an ideal safety barrier for pedestrian delineation, cordoning off no-go zones, drop offs, pits and low speed traffic control. It is suited to pedestrian control, carparks and work sites, offering 327kg of weight when full of water.

Armorzone barrier

Another option frequently used on sites is the Armorzone barrier. The Armorzone barrier weighs 496kg when full of water, ensuring it is solid and stays in place.

This unit provides up to 70 kilometres per hour work zone barrier protection, and it is tested and proven to assist with vehicle control, offering low deflection. This means that the sideways movement of the barrier on impact is minimal (tested at 2.1 metres deflection at 50km/hr).

The Armorzone TL-2 plastic water filled barrier has been tested to meet the evaluation criteria of MASH TL-1 and TL-2 for a longitudinal barrier. It is best for work sites with design speeds up to 70 km/h (posted speed up to 60 km/h).

Water-Wall Barrier

The Water-Wall is a barrier designed and crash tested for use on private, local and council roads. Although it is not approved to be used on state road networks, it is a rugged and versatile barrier that can be used in a range of different work site applications.

Weighing 500kg when full, the Water-Wall is characterized by a double walled knuckle hinge design that allows for 30 degrees of pivot between each barrier. This means that it can easily be arranged or reconfigured on site before filling with water, as each unit only weighs 40kg when empty.

Other types of barriers

On certain work sites, water filled barriers will be unnecessary. Perhaps your carpark is already paved, line-marked or designated, and you just need a simple barrier for some extra visibility. A-Frame barriers can be a good choice in this instance – whilst they don’t provide any impact protection, the 5.8 metre long yellow tubular steel is highly visible and provides simple carpark delineation. These lightweight barriers are modular with the bar and A-frame legs sold separately. They can be used to provide a simple visual barrier on site.

Find out more about A-frame steel barriers here.

At the other end of the scale, if heavy impacts are a concern at your work site and water filled barriers do not provide enough protection, concrete jersey barriers are the next level of defence. These solid precast concrete barriers can reduce the risk of high speed collisions as a result of an out of control vehicle impacting the barrier. They are tested and approved for main roads and areas with 100km/hr speed limit (80km/hr in Victoria).

Find out more about the Deltabloc concrete barriers here.

Get help with carpark water filled barriers

Getting the right water filled barrier for your worksite is essential.

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