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Sustainability: a key part of our business

Jaybro exists to support and serve the civil, construction and building sectors. Although there is no getting around the fact that some of the products and processes used in these sectors can be somewhat destructive, there is also a myriad of opportunities within our industry to do better for the environment.

We believe in making ethical choices when it comes to the economic, social and environmental impacts of our products and practices.

With this in mind, reducing our carbon footprint and finding ways to reduce our environmental impact is a key part of our business plan. We want to go above and beyond to reduce our waste, so we’ve identified a number of practical areas where we can make a difference.

We’ve migrated our catalogue online

You asked and we listened.

We heard that some customers wanted a digital catalogue, some still wanted a hard copy, and some received too many printed copies.

So, we adjusted our print run, changed our distribution process, and directed more customers to our web catalogue.

We’ve still got plenty of printed catalogues because some of you use them almost daily! But we have also saved a substantial amount of paper by producing a more modest quantity of our Issue 30 2019 catalogue.

For those that prefer an online version, our website reflects the printed catalogue with thousands of new products added, plus you can shop online and check out easily, without having to set up an account.

If you’d like a printed, priced catalogue let us know! Number 30 is a bumper issue which combines the core range you know and love, along with the best of our new DBF Tools and Hardware range. Request your copy here.


We champion environmentally friendly options in our range

From low VOC concrete chemicals, to biodegradable cardboard void former, to natural jute erosion control products and recycled rubber wheel stops – there are a whole host of greener options tucked into our product range.

We’re working on ways to make these more easily identifiable when browsing our website too, so that you can choose greener options if they are suitable for your project.

We’ve invested in technology to help people do their jobs without paper

A series of forward thinking management decisions have led to Jaybro being ahead of the curve in the industry, using a whole range of modern digital tools and apps.

With these we can manage our workflows, work collaboratively, disseminate information and communicate effectively – all without a scrap of paper being used.

We print our banner mesh with non-solvent inks

Banner mesh production, printed locally in Australia

Manufacturing of printed banners can have a significant impact on the environment. With the harsh chemicals and solvents commonly used, printing can present a range of workplace hazards. These include fumes, chemical splashes, disposal protocols, storage concerns and more.

However, with the addition of HP Latex Printing Technology to our facility, our print processes have improved markedly and at the same time, we have maintained our excellent print quality. With the addition of these environmentally friendly water-based inks to our arsenal, we have been able to simplify regulatory compliance and create a safer and healthier workplace.

Additionally, water-based inks have enabled our team to reduce the shipping, storage, and disposal issues that are part and parcel of handling solvents.

We reuse excess concrete in our precast facility

Jaybro’s concrete barriers are produced locally in our precast factory. During the production process, excess concrete is not discarded, rather, it is diverted into production of one tonne concrete blocks. This allow us to minimise overflow concrete wastage by producing a useful and economical product.

These simple blocks weigh around one tonne and are equipped with safe lifting points. Concrete blocks can be used for hoarding counterweights, storage bays, diversion barriers, structural foundation and more.

We offer buy-back schemes on concrete barriers to reduce wastage

Concrete road barriers can take a few cosmetic knocks and scratches on the job, but they are often far from being written off at the end of the project.

Jaybro obtains high volumes of used concrete barriers through our buyback scheme. This reduces the overall cost for customers and enables perfectly good barriers to be reused on another project.

This, in turn, reduces waste, negates storage fees, as well as eliminates time and effort in disposing of barriers when they are no longer needed.

They’re picked up from you, assessed and approved as structurally sound, and then given a new life on a different project!

All of these initiatives are simple actions and choices that combine to make a difference.

Simply by being mindful of our impact on the world around us, our team is more inspired to make better choices to reduce our overall impact.

We’re always looking for different ways to balance our business growth with thoughtful environmental choices and encourage recommendations and ideas from our internal teams, our customers and our suppliers. Feel free to get in touch with Jaybro if you’d like to make a suggestion. ­­

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