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EROmasta Seed Mat

Hunter Valley Flood Management Works
Bolte Civil, May 2017


Bolte Civil secured a $2.8 million contract to reinforce river banks at 3 individual sites as part of the ongoing Hunter Valley Flood Management Scheme. The engineers chose EROmasta Seed Mat to provide a lasting defence against erosion. This GEOmasta product is a loosely woven polyethylene netting that allows grass and root systems to take hold, providing a permanent erosion protection solution.


Bolte Civil was contracted by the Office of Environment and Heritage to maintain and remediate sites 2, 5 and 8 of the Hunter Valley Flood Management Scheme.

The locations at Hinton, Phoenix Park and Woodville required a series of erosion and sediment controls. These included booms and curtains, tidal river flow management, as well as the placement of 8,100 square metres of geotextile both underwater and over batters.
This contract included a requirement for a product that could assist revegetation, and EROmasta Seed Mat was specified to provide the necessary substrate.


Three riverbank sites varying in length from 120m to 220m long were restored using EROmasta Seed Mat. This quality GEOmasta product creates an immediate and long-term defence against natural erosion due to wind, rain and flooding.

Topsoil and seed are applied on top of EROmasta Seed Mat to fill the cavities and allow grass to grow through the mat. Once the turf or vegetation is established, the root systems are permanently reinforced. This product is ideal for erosion control on soil slopes or near waterways.

EROmasta Seed Mat is a synthetic turf reinforcement engineered to provide an environment that encourages rapid vegetative root development. It is a three-dimensional mat manufactured from polyethylene. Constructed using a base of high tensile layers of net bonded to upper layers, it forms a textured, cuspated surface. This is perfectly designed to trap soil particles and seeds.


The Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme is designed to lessen the effects of flooding on both rural and urban areas, reducing flood damage by modifying flood behaviour. There are more than 2,000 individual scheme assets maintained along the rivers and floodplains of the Hunter Valley.

The Scheme was created after the disastrous Hunter River flood of 1955. It involves an integrated system of levees, floodgates and drains on the Hunter, Paterson and Williams rivers. Although it is operated and maintained by the Office of Environment and Heritage, other agencies and organisations are routinely contracted for other works. These include design and management and construction work, such as the work carried out by Bolte Civil.


  • System used: EROmasta Seed Mat
  • Time Period: Installed May 2017
  • Customer: Bolte Civil
  • Type: Seed Mat, 5 Layer Variant


Roll length: 25m
Roll width: 2000mm
Black polyethylene
5 layer mesh

Bolte Civil

Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme

Hinton NSW, Australia

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