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PORTABOOM® for Traffic and Access Control Operations

Designed for traffic control operations, the PORTABOOM® remote controlled boom gate replaces unsafe stop/slow traffic control methods. This new physical barrier has revolutionized access to roadwork sites, building sites, worksites in the rail corridor and more.

The site access controller can stand in a safe zone to check the credentials of incoming vehicles, and then raise the remote controlled boom gate from a safe distance, out of the line of traffic.

The site can then easily be re-secured, again using the remote control.

The PORTABOOM® has benefits across a wide range of situations, foremost in traffic management during road works.

During lane closures, the traffic controller can stand out of the direct line of traffic and operate the remote controlled boom gate. Vehicles can easily see the PORTABOOM® barrier and wait for it to be raised. One traffic controller can easily operate two PORTABOOMS®, alternating the flow of traffic throughout the work zone.

This also frees up traffic controllers to conduct site duties and sign checks, and allows more regular breaks to control fatigue.

One operator can man up to four PORTABOOM® units, meaning access to roundabouts and 4 way intersections can easily be controlled from a central coordinated point. Additionally, it allows access to be shut down quickly and the site secured when required.

Shoulder closures that require intermittent stopping of traffic also benefit from the use of a PORTABOOM®.

When work needs to extend below the closed shoulder, the PORTABOOM® arm is lowered, stopping traffic.

Once the lane is clear, the traffic controller standing in safe zone re-opens the lane to traffic.

PORTABOOM® is also ideal for access control in the shoulder lane of major road construction sites. Its physical barrier allows access for work vehicles, and ensures that public vehicles do not enter.

Using the PORTABOOM® enhances safety and delivers greater value and economies to users. This is because traffic controllers are freed up to work on other duties. Traffic controllers can more effectively manage sign checks, assist pedestrians, control driveways, and alert approaching vehicles of the need to stop.

Using a PORTABOOM® remote controlled boom gate also improves communication with motorists and reduces fatigue of traffic controllers. TIPES Certified, it is approved by the Australian Road and Research Board for use on all Australian roads.

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