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Printed Shade Cloth for Your Tax Time Sales

As the end of financial year looms, your business is most likely getting ready for sales and promotions that capitalise on the end of year retail shopping frenzy.

Promoting your end of financial year sales with printed shade cloth is a great way to advertise to your local customer base!

Why use printed shade cloth?

Printed shade cloth, also known as banner mesh or scrim, is a smooth, finely woven temporary fencing fabric. It is commonly used around construction sites, new residential developments and on other large format perimeter fences.

Printed shade cloth is a cheap and effective way to market your business, advertise a sale, promote a brand or let your customers know of great deals happening at your store. It is particularly suited to end of year sales, tax time sales, Christmas sales, Boxing Day clearance sales and the like. It is affordable, can be quickly installed on your fence or building, as well as having a fast turnaround time from order to delivery meaning you only have to plan a few weeks ahead for your promotional fence mesh.

This means you can fix your custom printed shade cloth mesh to your fence or building fast, advertising great deals to your customers for the longest possible time period.

A cost effective advertising medium

In contrast to large rigid signs or acrylic signs, mesh banners are easy to handle, plus you can roll them up and store them away for the next sale or event. Mesh can last a number of years if you take good care of it and install it properly. This means it works out to be a highly cost effective advertising medium.

The initial outlay is relatively cheap, and you can customise the graphics completely to suit your own needs.

Plus the print quality is excellent for both huge graphics and even more intricate images (if you have a very detailed image or a photograph you want to reproduce, our premium fence mesh will give the best effect).

Great for large or small businesses

Supplied in standard rolls measuring 50 metres long, banner mesh enables businesses to advertise huge graphics, text and logos. Jaybro has no minimum order quantity so even if you only need 10 metres of mesh, we can help you out.

Our friendly site branding team has printed mesh for sole traders that just need a few fence panel mesh signs, right through to kilometres of mesh for large projects like Sydney Metro and Melbourne Metro Tunnel.

We are very flexible with print lengths and can supply the exact amount of banner mesh you require for your individual business.

Different types for different sites

Our banner mesh comes in two types – open weave and premium. The open weave mesh allows 50% airflow and the premium mesh 20%. Both are made from flat woven polypropylene mesh that is manufactured with a very smooth finish, not at all like traditional garden shadecloth.

The 50% open weave mesh banner rolls are great for sites in very windy locations. This open weave style allows the wind to pass through without the mesh acting like a sail.

The premium mesh has a tighter weave and therefore more print area, with 80% blockout and 20% airflow. This is suitable for most locations and provides a slightly better result for more detailed prints such as gradients, photographs, fine details, and thin lines.

A professional large format banner

Banner mesh has a base white colour and easily absorbs inks on our large format printing machine, resulting in brilliant colour transference and a very professional, sharp finished image.

Large fence banners offer a striking and instantly recognizable advertisement even from quite a distance away. This means if your building, store or site is on a main road or borders a busy commercial area you will reach many, many target customers with this cheap and simple promotional mesh.

Local advertising that works!

Advertising your tax time promotion to local customers in your area is easy with our branded logo mesh. Both our premium and open weave banners ensure high visibility of your message, and with mesh heights of either 1.6 metres of 1.8 metres, you can print a HUGE message, discount or sale sign and have it work for you 24/7.

Hanging promotional printed shadecloth on your fence ensures that your marketing is inescapable!

Order now in time for your EOFY sales events

Interested in pricing for promotional fence mesh? Our friendly site branding team can help with lead times, artwork setup, pricing and the best type of mesh for your site.

Get in touch with our Branding Specialist Joey Fabiano on 1300 885 364.

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