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Kembla Grange Development: Milestone Civil

Bunnings Kembla Grange Project, May 2019


A $30 million Bunnings Warehouse development is being prepared by Quasar Constructions and Milestone Civil, occupying five large blocks in Kembla Grange. The 48,000sqm site on the outskirts of Wollongong will accommodate the 12,000 square metre building and over 400 car parking spaces.

Jaybro supplied a range of precast concrete stormwater components for this project.


Our customer Milestone Civil secured the early works contract including demolishing the former Prime Television studios at the Northcliffe Drive and Canterbury Road. The project involves bulk excavation of over 46,000 square metres of the site. Primarily, Milestone Civil will take care of site remediation and removal of hazardous materials, excavation and preparation of the sub-base, plus installing over a kilometre of stormwater drainage.

In addition to constructing 1100 metres of drainage systems, a stormwater treatment and filtration plant will be installed.

The project managers required high-quality stormwater and drainage components rated to Class D wheel loading. Jaybro was identified as a supplier who could offer a high-quality product with fast turnaround.


Jaybro’s underground civil team were able to supply Milestone with a series of precast concrete stormwater pits and risers. Manufactured at our purpose built factory, our range of precast concrete stormwater pits are cast in standard sizes for an off-the-shelf solution.  Constructed using 40mpa wet cast concrete and fortified with AS4671 steel, these pits and risers also contain polypropylene fibre reinforcement with a mean strength of 650mpa.

Delivered with lifting eyes for safety, they are engineered to withstand Class D wheel loading. This means that they can endure heavy duty vehicle loads to 8000kg, more than enough for the trucks entering and leaving the Bunnings dock. Furthermore, Jaybro’s precast stormwater pits and risers come in a range of standard sizes offering greater flexibility on site compared with in-situ cast or custom made pits.

The scope of this project also included stormwater grates and ductile iron covers, which Jaybro was able to supply. The timeline for this project is yet to be finalised although early works are well underway.

Image Credit: Benjamin Di Donato – Wolf and Gang


  • Precast pits and risers
  • Stormwater grates 
  • Ductile iron covers

Milestone Civil

Bunnings Kembla Grange

Local Council:
Wollongong City Council

Overall Project Value:
$30 million

Precast Concrete Components

The specialist civil team at Jaybro can assist with providing precast concrete stormwater products manufactured at our purpose built factory. Additionally, we stock a large range of speciality drainage products.

Jaybro manufactures a range of precast concrete components. These are designed to offer an off-the-shelf solution for drainage projects, including subdivision inter-allotment drainage through to commercial and industrial complexes.

Our precast lintels are designed for use in new subdivisions and on council roads. Jaybro’s range of drainage lintels is manufactured using 40mpa wet cast concrete and reinforced with AS4671 steel reinforcement.

Precast kerb units are designed for use in commercial complexes and carparks, as a complete solution to allow for faster on-site installation. Kerb entry units are manufactured using 40mpa wet cast concrete reinforced with AS4671 steel reinforcement.

Additionally, robust steel grates are manufactured and tested to AS3996.2006.

The Jaybro civil range includes:


  • Stormwater pits
  • Stormwater risers
  • Drainage lintels
  • Kerb entry units
  • Headwall
  • Batter outlets
  • Subsoil boxes


  • Hinged grates
  • Drop in grates
  • Gully grates
  • Trench grates
  • Surcharge grates
  • Ductile iron infill covers
  • Solid top covers
  • Frames
  • Trash screens
  • Orifice plates
  • Kerb adaptors
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