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The best boom gate for event management

Event management is always a complex operation. Whether it’s an awards night, gala dinner, conference, seminar, industry function, public event or community festival – organizing any event typically includes special access and parking arrangements for vehicles and attendees.

This can include restricted access to reserved parking, access for VIPs and vehicles during road closures, emergency vehicle access, and other unique challenges.

To overcome these challenges, a portable remote controlled boom gate is a perfect solution.

The PORTABOOM® is a remote controlled, portable boom gate on wheels.

The PORTABOOM® is an essential tool for event planners and event management companies to have in their arsenal. Perfect for temporary pedestrian and traffic management, the PORTABOOM® is a flexible, reusable, portable boom gate, designed to keep everyone safe on site in all types of event situations.

It can be used to manage traffic and pedestrians, manage parking areas and staged overflow parking zones, and provide general security and access control to events.

What are the benefits for event management professionals?

Safer for security personnel

Road closures can put security staff in a vulnerable and unsafe position when providing access to events. Having to manually move barriers or gates to allow access means that security personnel are exposed to unnecessary risk by standing on the road.

On the other hand, if a PORTABOOM® is in use, security check points and access ways can be manned by remote control from a safe distance, preventing cars from entering without authorization and keeping security teams safe.

A boom gate ensures easy access for VIPs and guests

Security staff can safety provide clearance or entry and maintain control of access points with the help of the PORTABOOM®.

Additionally, the PORTABOOM® is ideal for safely managing pedestrian movements, especially ingress or egress of large crowds from conference centres or stadiums. The new pedestrian and traffic light attachments can be set up to ensure large swarms of people exiting the venue do not enter the roadway. A series of PORTABOOM® units can be set up to ensure motorists and pedestrians move safely at alternating intervals, just like a regular pedestrian crossing.

Reduced spend on security personnel

One operator can control up to 4 devices, meaning it is cost effective and a wise investment if you are holding regular events. Plus it can be used time and time again for many different events, offering great return on investment.

A fully approved boom gate gives peace of mind

porta boomThe PORTABOOM® is fully approved for use on Australian roads and frequently used by major projects and civil contractors to manage traffic control near work sites. Built to the highest standards and rigorously tested and approved, it is a reliable and widely used boom gate that is an ideal fit for the events industry.

See how the PORTABOOM® portable boom gate works:

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