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Pit lid lifters for Telstra and communications pits

Different types of lid lifters and what they are used for

There are a range of different lid lifters on the market designed for opening, levering and moving manhole covers, telecommunications pit lids, and Gatic lids. These simple yet effective tools are used to crack stubborn seals and lift off the lids so that maintenance and minor works can take place.

Lid lifters are easy to use – simply engage them into the keyhole, use the locking nut to fix them in place, and then forcing the grate or pit lid open by turning the bolt towards the lid. We recommend you use lid lifters in pairs for safety and ease of lifting.

Different types of Lid Lifters

Jaybro carries a range of pit lifters for Telstra pits , electricity pits, communications pits, Optus pits, manholes and more. They are available in a range of types and sizes, including Gatic lid lifters, ergonomic long handled lifters, D-handle pit breakers and heavy duty pit lifters.

We’ve put together some information on the different types of pit tools and what they are used for.

Short or D handled lid lifter

These small but powerful powder coated lid lifters are suitable for use on light to medium Gatic manhole covers. They are used to break blocked dirt-filled seals and to lift smaller pit lids and grates. They should be used in conjunction with a long handled pit key.

Long handled lid lifter

These standard pit keys are used in pairs to break stubborn locked seals, and to lever up duty pit lids and grates.

Heavy Duty long handled lid lifter

A rugged, heavy duty lid lifter for opening different types of pits. This lid lifter should not be used to crack the seal; use the small D-Handle lifter instead.

Long handle communications pit lid lifter for Telstra pits

The long handled Telstra lid lifter is used to lever Telstra pit lids open.

Ergonomic Gatic lid lifter with wheels

The ergonomically designed Gatic lid lifter provides fast, safe access to Gatic style lids and pits whilst also offering comfort with a curved handle and wheels, to reduce user fatigue.

Shop for Lid Lifters online at Jaybro

Jaybro can supply civil contractors with a range of Gatic lid lifters, long and short handled manhole lid lifters, as well as a range of plastic communications pits and concrete lids. Find out more about our range by clicking the button below.

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